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  1. If Not Maverick What Vehicle Would You Have Bought?

    This Maverick will my first vehicle purchase primarily because I want it rather than because I need to replace an older vehicle that is basically worn out. I wasn't looking to buy another vehicle when the Maverick was introduced. My 2015 Escape only has 43000 miles on it.
  2. Maverick Flat Tire Changing A to Z

    Great video. Thanks! Given how time consuming it is to get the spare from underneath, I'll probably figure out some way to mount that spare to sit up in the front corner of the bed. That will make it easier to ensure it's always inflated as well.
  3. Maverick vs Rivian parked side-by-side [NA Truck of the Year Finalists]

    The question should not be whether a Maverick can do as much as a Rivian. The question should whether a Rivian can do as much as three Mavericks, because it costs three times as much.
  4. This Might Take A While, But Thankfully I'm In No Rush

    Right on cue, a dealer called me today to let me know they had a Maverick on the lot. I looked it over to the extent that I could (sat in it, but couldn't test drive it, because it was already sold). I liked what I saw. The short version of the story is that I have now placed an order for an...
  5. This Might Take A While, But Thankfully I'm In No Rush

    I'm new to this forum...haven't ordered a Maverick yet. I'm the sort of person who wants to look at a vehicle, sit down in it, and maybe even take a ride in it before I commit to spending $25,000+ to buy one. I do know a guy who bought one who lives an hour or so away from me. I may have to...
  6. 📈 Our 2022 Maverick Order Stats / Take Rates From 4,000+ Submissions

    I'm not all that interested in data on trucks still in process. What I'd most like to see is data on completed orders. From that I feel I might have a more realistic idea of how long it might take for delivery vs. just reading through individual comments. I haven't ordered yet, so I'm just...