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  1. $10K OVER MSRP???

    Yeah a local dealer wants $5k added on, so im going two hours away to get one that isnt marked up. I figured a total of 4-5 hours of driving is worth 5k. I dont have any job prospects lined up paying 1k/hr.
  2. Mullinax Cancellations

    Picking it up there. Its about a 2 hour drive for me.
  3. United Road Vehicle Tracking

    So the search button was stuck for me. Turned off the shield on my browser, refreshed, and a captcha came up. So i entered vin again hit captcha and hit search and my maverick came up. Hope this helps. It doesnt give me any info other than where its going and the load number. I see in the fine...
  4. Mullinax Cancellations

    Im getting one from the Mullinax in mobile that someone backed out on. Same build as mine, but was done early before the price increase so its actually a few hundred cheaper than the one I ordered. If you want to go this route you just got to call around a bunch. I called about a different one...
  5. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    Looks great! From your original lift install pic, I thought you had a white one and was thinking there will be two of us on the NS with the same maverick since I got the fx4 and 4k. But I can tell it is more gray in this picture.
  6. 🧭 Track Your Maverick Order by VIN + Order Number [& Get Your Window Sticker]

    Its to the left of total msrp in the box labeled item#. On mine its underneath where it says RAIL. This is mine......24-8004 O/T 2. The 8004 is my order number, that plus the vin works for me on the ford website tracker.
  7. 🧭 Maverick Build & Tracking Links

    Thats just the updated date on window sticker. Mine now says 1/19/2022 as well. your blend date is under the Total msrp, still in a blue bordered box, or green if yours is green. My blend date was 12/15/21. This is what mine looks like...... MM151 N RB 2X 220 006205 12 15 21 The 1/19 is in the...
  8. Stuff ordered while waiting on build…

    Ive only ordered floor liners. Some of the other stuff Im thinking about I will wait til after I get it because of mixed reviews. For example, are the stock speakers that bad? Or is it something I can live with? Will get a good feel with a 2 hour drive home from the dealership.
  9. Is this considered a dealer markup?

    The base price is way off. base rice for my xlt is 22280. I believe if you order now its 22360.
  10. 🧭 Track Your Maverick Order by VIN + Order Number [& Get Your Window Sticker]

    Thanks! Yeah I found another post showing the order number is the 4 digits under the item# on the window sticker. Wonder why the sales people dont know this?
  11. DIY Customizable Bed Divider

    What are the lengths of the 2x6 going across? cant seem to find that measurement anywhere.
  12. Ford Bed Tray Liner & Tailgate Liner installed

    Where can you find the measurement for the length of the 2x4? All I can find on google is that you can use 2x4s and 2x6s, but nothing on the actual length. I would measure myself, but I dont have a truck to measure.
  13. Communication breakdown

    A lot of these emails are automated as well. I put a deposit down and a few days later get an email from the internet salesperson saying lets get you in a new vehicle today! umm no thanks. Or during my search I get multiple emails saying come test drive a maverick today, just to call and them...
  14. When can I expect delivery for a 2/14 build date?

    this is from Ford "Your vehicle is In Transit or on its way to your dealership. Transit times vary from an average of 12 - 28 days based on your location and the plant where the vehicle was built. This is a great time to explore "Ford Accessories" to see how you can personalize your vehicle."
  15. Bronco Sport Armrest Cover perfect fit

    They make all sorts that say fit the bronco sport. Here are some neoprene or fake neoprene ones on etsy. Custom Designed for Ford Bronco Carbon fiber one on amazon
  16. Fun Fact: Valvoline Instant Oil Change won’t change the Mavericks oil

    Happens with newer vehicles. They may have never changed one yet and dont feel comfortable winging it even if you told them what filter, type oil and how much is needed. Im getting the FX4 so im assuming most of mine will be done at the dealer because any quick oil change place isnt going to...
  17. Ford ESP Warranties - SHOP AROUND!

    Warranties start at mile 0. Doesnt matter when you purchase it. • Coverage begins with the original in-service date (New Vehicle Limited Warranty start date) and zero miles or hours. Your selected coverage expires upon reaching the earliest of time, mileage or hours.
  18. January 3rd build week?

    Built date 1/3, expected delivery 2/8. 14/868
  19. its 2022 when should I put in my order:

    Ive seen some hybrids that were dealer ordered being sold, but you may pay a mark up on them. You basically have to do the leg work and search dealers around your area or find one that will ship it to you from another state if its too far to drive. And the AWD is on the normal internal...
  20. How many miles when "new"

    If you ordered one it shouldnt be up in the double digits unless the dealership was taking it for a test ride. Which they absolutely shouldnt be. Wanted to add, the only way it would be acceptable to have some mileage on there is if your vehicle was one of the ones that got selected for a...