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  1. Would you Flip your Mav?

    $31 and $31.5k on $30.8k MSRP. Not nearly as good as some offers I have seen. I guess they don’t care much about added options/packages.
  2. Michiganders

    Anybody know of any dealers that would interested in buying a maverick? Seems like all of the algorithm driven instant offers aren’t working for the maverick yet so it hasn’t been easy to find somebody that wants to do some work and value the truck. I needed a car so I bought an EB in October...
  3. BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover -- arrived & installed

    I went with x4s because you can open and close the tailgate without lifting the cover unlike the sentry ct. Also while both covers have a matte finish the x4s is vinyl and sentry ct is fabric. I saw some videos of a couple year old sentry ct that had faded quite a bit. My hope is the vinyl will...
  4. Would you Flip your Mav?

    What is the best way to sell? Carvana and vroom offers weren’t that great and I doubt a dealership would beat them. Autotrader seems like it just filled with a bunch of scamming bots. I have two weeks to sell my EB before my hybrid comes in and it seems like this is going to be a little more...
  5. BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover -- arrived & installed

    Looks good! Hopefully was worth the wait. You can open and close the tailgate without having to lift the cover correct?
  6. DIY In-Bed Ski Rack

    My skis are 188cm and do not fit on a diagonal.
  7. Anybody order off

    Just got my x4s today. Ordered in October. Selling my EB when my hybrid order arrives at the end of the month so just going to hold off and install on the hybrid.
  8. I have both found out what my rattle was and won dumbass of the year!

    I know they purposely make the hitch a little bigger so it doesn’t rust in, but it seems like it could be dangerous with the amount of slop the maverick has.
  9. Anyone find a source for factory steel wheels?

    Hoping to find a set of XL take offs, but I if that doesn’t happen good to know escape steel wheels work despite the offset difference
  10. Michigan Want To Buy 17” Wheels

    Looking to buying a set of take off wheels open to 17” XL or XLTs. Don’t need tires as I have winter tires that these wheels would be for. In SE Michigan. Thanks.
  11. Hybrid Lariat with Lux package

    Hybrid XLT lux ordered 6/24. In production 12/21, estimated delivery 1/26
  12. Michigan roll call!

    congrats! That cactus grey almost looks white with the snowy backdrop. How’s the FWD handling in the snow?
  13. $3,000 OFF MSRP Ends January 31st, 2022 - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    that’s my plan. Bought an ecoboost in October off the lot and my hybrid is supposed to be delivered in January. If I can break even after taxes and fees selling it then I’m looking at it as a free three month rental.
  14. Anyone else have a build week of Dec20? If so, have you gotten an "In Production" email yet?

    I have an in production date of 12/21 and delivery date of 1/26. Strange thing is still no window sticker
  15. Online retailers that take ford points?

    Ordered mats from fairway with points came the next day
  16. What are you trading in / selling for your Maverick??

    yeah I hope so. Not really sure the best place to sell. Carvana and vroom offers have been weaker than expected so far.
  17. Hybrid mileage at 500 miles: 44.9 MPG (600+ miles per tank)

    I’m topping out at 400 miles with my EB. 50% increase with smaller tank is great.
  18. What are you trading in / selling for your Maverick??

    Likely selling my ecoboost maverick for a hybrid when it comes in next month
  19. Used Mav nearly $10K over its NEW MSRP!

    You think that’s bad. Vroom has a XL listed at $42k

    carvana doesn’t really have a final appraisal. I sold my car to them and they just took some pictures of the exterior, turned it on to make sure it runs, and handed me a check.