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  1. 📣 1/20 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS ARRIVING!!]

    Yeah but what about July 21 my first edition still waiting to be scheduled? lol Do I get a first edition of 2023? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::cry:
  2. DIY In-Bed Ski Rack

    great job! Question about your roll up tonneau, does it keep the bed dry inside or does it let water in?
  3. Your thoughts on Kia?

    I like my Niro Touring. It has all the features I want, minus being a mini truck. It's the next from the top trim level thought so I get heated and cooled seats and some other amenities. For being a 2017 I have no issues with it. For the mileage I would go for it over a Seltos. I regularly get...
  4. Ford Drives U discount available through 1/3/2022

    Just thought this might benefit anyone picking up their truck this week that's in school or within 2 years of having graduated. $750 off.
  5. Tailgate not level with bed.

    Check out the VW Robust. It's what they are selling in Mexico.
  6. 4217 miles…my first warranty claim.

    I would have them check the struts too. if there is that much out of alignment then it could have screwed that too. Took my escape in 3 times for the same noise because you couldn't see the strut was bent until it was out. They replaced the parts you are showing prior to that.
  7. Really BAD issue with remote start Fordpass... Hybrid Maverick

    How would you remote start a hybrid vehicle? It turns on an electrical system run by the battery, not the engine. After draining the battery some it would kick in the the ICE to recharge I suppose. I have been wondering about this since I ordered if was an actual feature on the hybrid.
  8. 600 Miles Per Tank Hybrid Maverick club

    Had an Escape titanium AWD with the same eco boost. I got about 19 mpg city driving around Cambridge, MA. I was thrilled about hybrid mileage with the one I'm in now, and can't wait to get the Maverick in my hands. Hopefully just after spring at this point.
  9. Hybrid 12V Battery is Single Port Vented to the Outside, Maybe a Fleet Battery

    Not the Hindenburg... To compare that to the technologies today is like saying surgery is inhumane, look at how they just stuck a board in that guys mouth and said "bite down hard" Come on, this is not apples for apples. Hydrogen is a freely available renewable source. Shocking how it hasn't...
  10. Hybrid owner's general experience exchange Thread

    Not a Maverick, but my Kia gave me the same feeling. The thing is, hybrids don't move or slow the car in anyway an ICE would. The slowing is always started with the engine to recoup power into the battery, the brakes will engage depending on the severity of force applied and delivered through...
  11. [Updated] Real world Hybrid Maverick MPG mileage after 200+ miles (by owner)

    These calculations can take time. I believe in my old 2012 fusion they reported after 500-1000 miles it would be accurate. Secondly, if you look at the mileage it would appear the driving is 43% electric. The ICE is not so efficient. the best mileage would be about 25% Highway and 75% city. Not...
  12. My hybrid makes clicking sounds after it's been off for a bit

    Serious question, is this your first hybrid vehicle?

    would check this since mine is more miles (likely) and 3 yours older.

    I would highly suggest checking this when you want to unload your vehicle. I had a 2013 Escape titanium AWD with 115,000 miles on it. By "researching" through Edmunds, it generated an offer from CarMax which was higher than going through CarMax directly! In January 2020 I sold it to them for...
  15. Maverick Backup Camera Quality

    Having had a 2020 santa fe limited, i agree there are different levels of screen resolution. however, comparing a 360 camera to a simple back up cam is two different beasts.
  16. Forbes names Maverick Car of the Year

    One thing that I found helpful in this article was the first chance I have seen to compare the Hot Pepper Red to the Rapid Red in a photo just under the section: Enough Rear Legroom to Keep 4 Adults Happy
  17. Feeling like I'm having to pester Chapman

    With regards to financing nothing can be done until you have a fully executed P&S and you have proof of insurance. They gave you an approval, you need to do the rest on your own. Down payments are up to you, they should not be guiding you on this. This is meant to be helpful, but if this is new...