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  1. 📣 1/20 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS ARRIVING!!]

    Every Maverick Thursday is Arnold Horshack Day. 🤞🏼
  2. Thinking about switching my XLT Hybrid order to an AWD EcoBoost...

    For a major change of model like that you will be subject to any price increases and also the clock will be reset as far as place in line is concerned.
  3. Underseat Subwoofer Install

    Not something I'd attempt (if it were me would splice in an independent on/off switch as well), but whatever floats yer boat.
  4. A Few Recent Review Vids

    XLT EB FWD nitpicks and niceties. (He's six foot seven!) XL Hybrid test drive. Lariat EB FX4 in Canadian winter.
  5. Maverick XLT has arrived

    Good lookin' little runabout. (And that may be the cleanest parking lot I've ever seen.)
  6. What is this green tab?

    Taking a cue from too many sitcoms, when pulled it activates the optional inflatable life raft. 😜
  7. 8 hour Drive

    Grats on your new baby. 8 hour Drive Beats the heck out a three hour tour. 😉
  8. Bedrug bed & tailgate liner carpet installed pic

    Looks dandy. However, living where I do (and not doing much driving anymore) I'd be worried about the probability of insect infestation.
  9. Stuff ordered while waiting on build…

    Check out a capsule review from an audio engineer: Is it concert hall quality? Not by any means. Could it be improved? Sure, but for now I find comforting his "Just fine." Full disclosure: Elderly ears ain't...
  10. Stuff ordered while waiting on build…

    Other than the itchy-fingered driver (me), nada. As for post-delivery stuff, I'll pay the toll on that bridge when I come to it. :geek:
  11. I checked today and im now priority 2.

    Short version: It means (1) Your vehicle has been assigned a VIN (2) It is now among the pool of vehicles the factory has been notified by Ford to look at for scheduling a build (parts, options and any other constraints still apply so might be a while yet) (3) One step closer to it getting to you.
  12. Let's hope there is a manual transmission available

    Manual transmission? Crank start or go home. 😄
  13. Leak proof tonneau for the best price?

    Not bargain priced but sure looks nifty. (Also not yet available for Maverick.)
  14. Maverick Flat Tire Changing A to Z

    In case it wasn't obvious, that's not me doing the demo. It's a video which I found online and linked here.
  15. Owners Manual
  16. Got lucky!

    Congratulations. Except for being in Hawaii (waves 🤙) would say do not pass Go, do not collect $200, run out and buy a Powerball ticket. Stat. 😁
  17. Mask Hooks

    Just a passing thought that the bag hooks which come in the FITS package could serve the same purpose.
  18. Quick audio system overviews

    "Just fine." USB sí, iPod no.