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  1. Song game thread

    Thank YOU for loving me - Bon Jovi (My wife and I's wedding song)
  2. Bed Cubby is finally here - pics

    Nice! Another goody to buy for my XL when it gets here. Keep us posted on the install.
  3. Song game thread

    NEW YORK groove - Ace Frehley
  4. Ordered mav #3 today

    Glad everyone is ok from that ordeal. There is a few XL owners that would like that steering wheel.....😁
  5. Song game thread

    SHOUT it out loud - Kiss
  6. Song game thread

    ROLL on (eighteen wheeler) - Alabama
  7. 400w 110v bed outlet added

    I too would like to know if the truck has the inverter on the inside, how hard would it be to put the factory truck bed one in. Great install👍
  8. Song game thread

    Rock ON - Def Leppard
  9. Deep snow test by Maverick owner [video]

  10. Finally saw an Area 51 XL in the flesh

    I've seen 3 in person now. One hot pepper lariet, one xlt area 51 base, and a xlt area 51 lux in our small city. The xlt area 51 lux is still for sale at one of the dealers.
  11. Buschur's Maverick 2.0 oil separators DONE!

    I, myself would benefit from seeing the inside to know the actual amount getting separated that it's clean and good to go when servicing. That little piece of mind is soothing😁
  12. Buschur's Maverick 2.0 oil separators DONE!

    Any chance you will be constructing ones you can clean and visually inspect that the catch can is clean? I've seen ones for the coyote motors that look like this.
  13. Any Maverick Hot Wheel yet?

    I've been wondering the same thing too. If Mattel is smart they already are working on it.
  14. Song game thread

    Girls, girls, girls - Motley Crue 😳😳
  15. Song game thread

    Pretty FLY for a white guy - The Offspring
  16. Song game thread

    WITH or without you - U2
  17. Song game thread

    She gathers RAIN - collective soul
  18. Song game thread

    Proud MARY - CCR
  19. Maverick Emblem

    Dennis carpenter makes great Ford Repop items.
  20. Song game thread

    Night Moves - Bob Seger