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  1. 🦖 Ranger Raptor Shows Off Its Muscles by Dropping Camo

    looks good, too bad it will probably be priced like a raptor :cautious:
  2. They had one job and failed

  3. Visual Comparison of Different Tires / Tire Sizes on 2022+ Maverick

    How can I find more pictures of the first one in the second slide (245/17 in stock wheels, 1” lift) that looks 🔥 Cheers!
  4. Minimum amount to finance?

    I have a similar situation, but mine is nowhere near delivery date; I was told that to get the “discount” they offered I had to use ford financing, but I was not told that I couldn’t use any other bank/ credit union. That sounds scary and plain criminal if you ask me, it’s like they are...
  5. Hello from Northern Virginia

    Hi There, I am also in Springfield, and to be honest I am still waiting for the order I submitted to my local dealership... I ended up going with Koons in Woodbridge, so far so good, I have a VIN (2.0 ecoboost) but I am curious to know if we where shopping in the same dealership. Anyway, good...
  6. Maverick or Santa Cruz for the long run?

    I agree with the first part of your post, I mean I would love to be able to add the heated steering wheel to my XLT, but I can't unless I get the LUX package... so I see your point. Now compared to the SC and its longevity, I came to realization that probably (whether I like it or not) All ICE...
  7. Minimum amount to finance?

    Just wondering, I might have just realized how cheap I am :ROFLMAO:. A $500 a month payment is not very high these days? I pay $380 on my current car and I feel is too much... I mean for $500 a month I could buy a mid/full size truck right? take into consideration that I don't use my car for...
  8. 📣 12/9 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Arriving!!!]

    My Mav is scheduled for production! 🤘 ⏰ Time email was received - 11:08AM (EST) 📅 Your scheduled build week - week of February 14, 2022. (Happy Valentine's 💝) 🛻 All relevant build info - Shadow black XLT 4K FX4 , only add on was the sliding rear window (also know as the dog port) 📍 Your...
  9. Any delays with 2.0 eco boost?

    My order said priority code 10, what do you think that means on time? I am in the no rush boat as well. I am guessing to have the truck delivered to the dealership by February.
  10. Maverick or Santa Cruz for the long run?

    oh, that jeep wrangler life style :ROFLMAO: . Thanks for the input
  11. Maverick or Santa Cruz for the long run?

    There is a thread in the SC forum that shows 29er MTB's loaded in the bed with no issues, I believe thats the case for the SC ones without the tonneau cover though. I would eventually like to get a softopper for whatever I ended up buying. Thanks ✌
  12. Maverick or Santa Cruz for the long run?

    Wowwza, I appreciate your words, I think you have a very valid point regarding the quality differences, I have yet to see an SC in person and I have only seen the interior of the XL mav. I hope you can get your truck soon and at a reasonable price.
  13. Maverick or Santa Cruz for the long run?

    Hi all, I have an order on a Maverick FX4, and I am really excited for it to move up the building ladder, I have tried to get a drive test a few times at my local dealership with no luck so far, at most I got to seat on a XL. I did managed however, to schedule a test drive for a Hyundai Santa...
  14. *

    Looks great! The tires keep getting bigger and bigger over here 😂 who said 80? Lol. Question; is the driveway on a slope, or this lift makes the front of the Mav look even more slanted?
  15. Parked next to another unicorn

    A dealerships dream 😂
  16. Is the Maverick connected to the internet?

    Well they need to find a way to make up for the lower price point 😂😂😂 get ready to see a lot more advertising from your gecko friends. Cheers!
  17. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This is one slammed / dumped street truck

    Nice looking truck, can you give more detail on the roof thingy? Price, size, difficulty of installation, issues with wind/rain/noise. Not sure if it’s your daily but I would love to have an open roof in a small truck! Cheers!
  18. Recommendation for a dealership in Northern VA/MD

    I ended up putting an order with Woodbridge Koons a few weeks ago. So far so good, I got the order correctly and I got the email from Ford. I will keep you all up to date with my experience. Cheers.
  19. Installed: 4WP lift kit (1" front / .75" rear) and Toyo Open Country AT tires (245/70r17)

    Looks really great, how hard was the install ? Have you done this before? I think it really makes your Mav looks more trucky, def the look I am going for, let us know any updates on driving feel and mpg. Again looks great! Cheers.