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  1. Longest Wait Time From Confirmed Order to Delivery

    My June 16 order was built on 1/9 and is due for delivery 2/18-2/24. Martinsburg WV.
  2. Companion tool for the Order Tracker: see how common your exact build is

    My original build date - 12/13/2021 Actual build date - 1/09/2022
  3. Maverick Flat Tire Changing A to Z

    Glad you posted this! Thank you!
  4. Woo-hoo! Movement spotted on the ordering front.

    I finally received an email stating my Maverick is built and shipped. I ordered on 6/16. Estimated delivery is 2/18 through 2/24.
  5. Order canceled by Ford

    Did you get a VIN, and if you did, can you trace it?
  6. Article on built vehicles awaiting chips.
  7. Interesting, informative article about building/chip shortage.
  8. Show your Maverick Christmas gifts

    My Christmas gift was checking my status and finding that my Maverick is being built in the next few days! I ordered back in June.
  9. 🧭 Maverick Build & Tracking Links

    Ordered on 6/16(XL Hybrid). On 10/21 received email confirming order. VIN given and build scheduled for the week of 12/13. Haven't received any further emails.