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  1. 📣 1/20 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS ARRIVING!!]

    Ice Cube said Jan. 20th was a Good Day but most likely...
  2. Longest Wait Time From Confirmed Order to Delivery

    Same confirmation date and same reaction when I ask my dealer the same. ARE YOU ME?!
  3. Lariat Luxury Package Items Changed?

    At this point, I wish Ford would just allow the option to us that have ordered the Lux package to opt out of the bedliners and give an adjustment to the lux package cost (150-300?) to allow for less impacts on their end in getting the materials and would allow for us to get spray in after...
  4. 5000+ miles, so how is it? 2.0 Maverick owners review

    They are referring to a mirror similar to this. ELUTO Wide Angle Rear View Mirror
  5. Anyone buy a new toy while you’re waiting for the Maverick?

    I bought this toy to put in my dash cubby should I ever get my Maverick.
  6. 📣 12/16 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Now Arriving!!!]

    Another Thursday passes, and another afternoon daydream runs through my head of this whimsical memory that I ordered a truck in July...
  7. 📣 12/16 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Now Arriving!!!]
  8. 📣 12/9 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Arriving!!!]

    One day, I'll wake up on Thursday and get an email that reminds me that I didn't just imagine ordering a new truck last July...
  9. Not receiving any emails from Ford at all after ordering Hybrid on 7/26

    I only ever received the order confirmation email and then that one later email where they were giving the hybrid owners the FITS package due to the delays.
  10. Truxedo Pro X15 tonneau cover installed

    TruXedo's video shows the quick release, around the 1:17 minute mark, looks simple enough
  11. Truxedo Soft Rollup Tonneau Bed Cover installed on Maverick

    I originally had an XLT with a hard roll up on order but decided to drop all the extras delaying my order and upgrade to the Lariat. I plan on picking one of these up once the truck gets built to use until I can save back up for a hard roll up later down the road. I do a good amount of driving...
  12. Second Battery

    There's also the issue that they have the existing battery watercooled and adding the second would not have the cooling unless you developed a system to extend the cooling lines to it as well.
  13. Ford Letter to Hybrid Order Holders -- nearly sold out for 2022 + free FITS Accessory Kit

    Yep, same, while I'd like to have my build date at least this is better than nothing at all
  14. Asheville, NC-Who has New Mavericks?

    I dropped by 2 days ago to Johnson City Ford and didn't see any Mav's on the lot. Either they just got there or I guess I was just blind. 🤦‍♂️
  15. 📬 10/14 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Arriving!]

    Do you need to chat with Ford through a social media platform? I logged into the Ford website and when I go to contact and click the Chat option it just tells me about chat but doesn't have a link or button to click to actually open a chat up.
  16. Cactus Grey with Lariat Interior - color combination?

    I think the Alto Blue probably pairs best with the interior blues based on the pics I've been looking at. The HPR though gives it a bit of a patriotic feel. :) As for me, I just want orange regardless so I'll get what I get.