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  1. 🦖 Ranger Raptor Shows Off Its Muscles by Dropping Camo

    Less muscular looking, more big guy in small clothes, in my opinion. To its credit it does look more aggressive, if that's what you're going for. I'm honestly glad to see this. I was a little hesitant to buy the mav knowing the ranger redesign was coming, but I definitely prefer the mav...
  2. Anybody order off

    Maybe get a chance tomorrow, it's supposed to 45° here, which seems doable.
  3. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    little flies are digging this color in the sun...
  4. Anybody order off

    Yeah that sucks that basically all the options are found under the umbrella of the one company. That explains why tuxedo guys wanted my order # for bakflip.
  5. Anybody order off

    I'm just seeing this thread but I'm "glad" there are others annoyed about this, too. Ordered an X4s because of appearance and function; it looks to be higher quality than the alternatives. I ordered September 7 thinking I'd be on the front end of the orders and that I'd have it well ahead of...
  6. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    I took delivery a week ago, but prior to that had seen one black XLT up in IL in the Schaumburg area. By the time I realized what I was looking at it had passed and I never did manage to catch up to it again...that was late October. Two weeks ago I spotted another black one just north of Salem...
  7. College Discount

    Update; the website is it's self explanatory, and when you're done, there's a code and explanation of the offer you receive. Good luck
  8. College Discount

    I had to verify my student status or whatever at a site called It just asked for college email address and college name, social (for school record search I imagine), and physical residence. I have my old college email and my current one (different schools), and just did the current one...
  9. College Discount

    Picking up my maverick as I write this, but wanted to share with everyone; I was signing the paperwork and had a sheet with the rebates and deductions listed (none) to sign off on. I did ask at that point if the college purchase program applies, and after about a 10 minute search and a quick...
  10. What brand are the OEM Tonneau bed covers offered by Ford?

    Yeah the hard rollup is a Bak model. X4s, I believe. I ordered a hard rollup from Bakflip back in early September, and they've given me all kinds of delays and anticipated delivery dates have come and gone - I would recommend working DIRECTLY with Bak if you go that route, rather than...
  11. Window Tint Costs

    Is that pet a cat with an abrasive little tongue or a dog who just enjoys licking the windows? I'd have never even considered that...haha
  12. Window Tint Costs

    That checks out. And I agree, I don't think I'd even be able to tell at a glance the difference between 20 and 30.
  13. Window Tint Costs

    Is there any chance that Hermosillo is sending out different tint levels to different states based on ordering dealership location? I assume not, but I've been seeing posts ranging from 20% to 35%, many of which state their "guy" matched whatever he added to the stuff on the back of the Mav already.
  14. Window Tint Costs

    I am going to get my front windows tinted to match the back, and as I haven't ever had that done, I'm curious what people pay for that. My dealership offered to do it for $249 with a warranty, and given that they a) offered that unprompted, and b) included a warranty (which I don't honestly...
  15. Quality concerns on the existing builds with delayed arrival dates?

    Well, whatever the issue was that led to this thread initially, my truck arrived this morning in Indianapolis! I'll be asking if they can figure out what the delay was (is for those still waiting with that delivery date pushed back), but we'll probably never know.
  16. Quality concerns on the existing builds with delayed arrival dates?

    Maybe, except mine wasn't (isn't) a lariat. Maybe it shipped with only high class brethren.
  17. Quality concerns on the existing builds with delayed arrival dates?

    Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't searched the stop ship term but that article points to a quality concern, which makes sense. I wonder how owners who already took delivery will be contacted - I'd have thought there would be posts from owners about recalls or whatever if that had happened...
  18. Quality concerns on the existing builds with delayed arrival dates?

    Well no real surprise here, but neither Ford customer service online chat nor an agent on the phone were able to shed any more light. I asked directly about the stop ship notice, but both sources denied any knowledge of that and insisted that their Ford internal system simply shows the vehicle...
  19. Quality concerns on the existing builds with delayed arrival dates?

    That's wild that it's still moving around with the stop ship designation on it. Maybe the stop will go into effect once it reaches NO tomorrow or whatever. As always, a little indication from Ford on this would be comforting and eliminate all this speculation. I'm also kind of amazed that you...