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  1. Hypermiling Challenge for 2.0 EcoBoost Mavericks

    This was mostly down hill on my way from Flagstaff AZ to Phoenix with an elevation change of about 6500 Feet over 120 miles. I was intentionally coasting(foot off the gas/break, Transmission in Drive and no cruse control) at every chance I got, allowing the truck to speed up and slow down as the...
  2. New Bronco Raptors spotted on the Freeway.

    I assume so! Notice the louvers on side of the hood…
  3. Hypermiling Challenge for 2.0 EcoBoost Mavericks

    I have broken the 40MPG mark in a 2.0!! Photo taken by my Wife in the passenger seat.
  4. New Bronco Raptors spotted on the Freeway.

    On our trip back from Flagstaff this afternoon, we were passed by three, I assume MY23, Bronco’s One was covered in mud, I assume they were doing a little off roaring in it.
  5. DIY In-Bed Ski Rack

    The tailgate does not seal completely. So around that area it does, but everywhere else it has been water tight so far.
  6. DIY In-Bed Ski Rack

    Yes that would work as well, but I wanted them to float so I could place luggage below them.
  7. DIY In-Bed Ski Rack

    No there is not anything holding them down. However, in order to place them in there you have to install them at an angle, they don’t drop right in. And as such will not fly out, but they could move. That being said, having them basically strapped together with the skis, it is pretty secure.
  8. DIY In-Bed Ski Rack

    I have a ski trip coming up this weekend with the wife and kid, i have an old Tule ski rack for a car I no longer own, and figured I could mount them to some 2X4’s. My skis were a little long and had to fit in sideways as I wanted to close the tailgate. And the best part is being able to close...
  9. Mav Tonneaus and rain

    I have the hard roll up tonneau from Ford, I live in AZ and this past rain storm the truck was in the garage. I have washed it with the tonneau on it and got some leaking through the tailgate gaps as I do not have any weather stopping there. I intend to try and shore up the gaps, but I don’t...
  10. 42K Ford Pass points are in for my Maverick purchase

    The 42000 points are worth a little over $200. And yes you can use them to purchase just about anything from Ford. Just let them know you want to use points at the time of purchase.
  11. Tips and Tricks to Improve MPG

    The owners manual has some really great tips, one of the things that stood out to me was the vehicle will shut off fuel to the cylinders when coasting. I found exploiting this as much as possible was a huge help. Like others have stated, slow acceleration helps. But if you want to get crazy...
  12. Where is your maverick now?

    Mine is at the Dealership getting its first oil change.
  13. Krown Rustproofing Method.

    The article says, if I remember correctly, that the hole drilling is optional. Just don't choose that option. If I lived in a state where I had to worry about rust that is what I would do. I agree with @JASmith, no extra holes in the unibody.
  14. Real world fuel mileage MPG results by 2.0 EcoBoost owners - check in here

    I tried a little Hypermiling, I traveled 143.8 miles and was able to squeeze 34.45MPG! The trip meter on my truck said 38+ MPG. Believe it or not it wasn’t 100% freeway miles. My average speed was 35MPH. I would not drive this way normally. Not only is it bad for the engine, carbon buildup and...
  15. Hypermiling Challenge for 2.0 EcoBoost Mavericks

    Ok, an update on my trucks calculated 38MPG. I filled it up @ about 150mi. Calculated @ the pump I got 34.45MPG or 6.83L/100km for our friends up north. Pretty amazing. I live in Arizona so “winter” here is 75deg F or 24C so nice. Sorry for all you folks who have to deal with snow every day...
  16. Passenger side headlight condensation

    Just gonna leave this here....
  17. Maverick Backup Camera Quality

    I would say that it is adequate, However have any of you watched something moving behind you through the camera? I have seen my neighbor drive by a few times and the delay and smoothness of motion are horrible, the vehicle moving behind me jitters as it moves through the screen and you can see...
  18. Hypermiling Challenge for 2.0 EcoBoost Mavericks

    Oh I completely understand. This is purely for entertainment. I just want to see how high we can get our trip computers.