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  1. 🦖 Ranger Raptor Shows Off Its Muscles by Dropping Camo

    This thing is shaping up to be pretty badass. Can’t wait to see what it actually looks like under the camo, and hopefully they’ve got a realistic price point in mind.
  2. Engine Cover installed in 2.0L Ecoboost Maverick engine bay (From Escape)

    I’ve got a truck on order - Lariat FX4. And yes, I’ve been active in multiple threads trying to help out and collaborate on stuff for the Maverick, which is why threads like this are both necessary and frustrating.
  3. Engine Cover installed in 2.0L Ecoboost Maverick engine bay (From Escape)

    Nearly two months and eleven pages of back and forth, and no one has been able to tell if this has any tangible benefit apart from looking better? With how many times people have added and removed the cover to fiddle with the mounting studs, you'd think that somebody would have been able to...
  4. "Built Ford Tough" Fingernail Vs 2022 Maverick XL Hybrid Interior Plastic

    Dogs are going to absolutely destroy these things within a few years…
  5. Factory cruise control enabled on XL with Forscan and Escape steering wheel

    I wonder if adding a wheel with paddle shifters would do anything.... :unsure:
  6. Savagegeese Hybrid XLT Review

    The average new car price is $40k. That you can get a completely optioned out pickup for less than that does make it cheap. That's not a knock against it, and to be honest, the pearl clutching over the word 'cheap' vs 'inexpensive' is in the same vein of full size truck owners gatekeeping the...
  7. Custom Maverick Lariat headlights with switchback DRL

    Awesome setup, OP! I've got an idea for a potential improvement to this product: As of now, there are limited options for fog lights on the Maverick, and though non-FX4 models can fit a previous generation F150 into the lower valance, FX4 owners are out of luck. My idea would be to utilize...
  8. Maverick AWD vs Santa Cruz Offroad - TFL Video

    Another thing they could have been smelling is the brakes heating up. Assuming the Santa Cruz has the ABS system standing for a genuine locker, it's feasible that the system generated enough heat to bed in the pads. My 4runner has done this, as has my GTI with the 'diff' settings cranked all the...
  9. Non Political Question

    I think political stickers are dumb, as are gun stickers. The former paints a target on your back from both sides of the aisle, and the latter basically just says 'guns inside, come get 'em!'. If I have a sticker on any of my vehicles, it's repping a local business or it came with parts I ordered.
  10. Fog lights for Maverick ?

    I did a cursory bit of digging to figure out an OEM+ way of activating aftermarket fog lights on the Maverick - As of now, it appears that the F150 or Bronco Sport combination switch should fit where the Maverick's goes, and this switch has dedicated front and rear fog light controls built in...
  11. Maverick Backup Camera Quality

    I think there's a possibility that it's a little overblown. From the videos I have seen, it's about on par with my Mk7.5 GTI, and no one has complained about that. Adding bright LED reverse lights and keeping the lens clean would go a long way to improving quality. As for upgradeability, is...
  12. Engine Cover installed in 2.0L Ecoboost Maverick engine bay (From Escape)

    So, has anyone been able to state definitively if this helps with injector / top end noise, or if it's purely cosmetic?
  13. Pic Request: Key FOB

    do you mean remote start? I don’t think the XLT comes with push to start (ie, keep the key in your pocket and push a button to turn on the truck when you get in)