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  1. Gator Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Delay?

    As I mentioned in my comment I received an estimated delivery of the first week in February. No shipped email yet
  2. Gator Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Delay?

    I ordered the Gator SFX Tri Fold with Real Truck & it's scheduled for delivery 2/2 - 2/7 ordered January 7th
  3. New owner/member

    Welcome & Congratulations
  4. Just received BUILT email from Ford

    That's great, congratulations!
  5. Deep snow test by Maverick owner [video]

    Looks fun and capable for all the haters
  6. Longest Wait Time From Confirmed Order to Delivery

    6 months, 5 days = 189 days 😳 from confirmation, June 28 to delivery January 3rd. 191 from order date
  7. Picked up my Hybrid lariat today

    I live in truck country "Texas" and I have people walk up to me nearly everytime I stop somewhere. Visitors at my work ask questions about it too. Several people damn near had wrecks staring at it. I could read some of their lips saying, what is that, look..hey look, its electric, lmao..Kinda
  8. Got lucky!

    They have some really nice seat covers you shouldn't have any problems finding something that looks nice. I have the Lariat trim so my seats aren't cloth. I haven't had any problems with my Bluetooth. Interesting, and I did not know this until last week, I have play lists on Pandora, IHeart and...
  9. Tailgate Rear Lettering Inserts / Vinyl / Decals?

    I purchased black reflective off ebay. The seller has just about any color & style imaginable.
  10. Mo powah!! Tunes?

    MrBoom on YouTube did some mods & tests on his.
  11. 400w 110v bed outlet added

    I need someone to do this to my truck.
  12. 64mpg on a 9 mile city drive. (Hybrid)

    I can't help it I have a long commute. I hate adding those miles to my truck so much so I'm looking for land closer to the area. Fingers crossed I can find something in the price range I want.. I'll sell my house in a heartbeat
  13. 64mpg on a 9 mile city drive. (Hybrid)

    My first dealer tank said something in that range too. My first fill up after said 487 and today it said 548 but increased to 560 when I started going. I have 981 miles on my truck so you can expect that number to increase substantially
  14. 64mpg on a 9 mile city drive. (Hybrid)

    That's exactly what mine did today when I filled up and cleared it all. Mine says 548 to empty on a full tank
  15. 64mpg on a 9 mile city drive. (Hybrid)

    Mine was 999 when I first filled it up today and reset everything Ha Ha..but joking aside I am getting real world mpg of 38.7 to 38.9, 85% hwy driving without even trying. Stop & go traffic it'll shoot up over 50 mpg...I still can't get over the fuel economy. It makes me smile everytime I get in...
  16. Craziest Dealer Markups - Let’s make it a game

    I saw 2, XLT in Arlington Texas for over 42k
  17. Anyone have an real life pic of 18" Bright Aluminum (stock) Lariat wheels?

    That's as close up as I can get right now
  18. Need some positive stories!

    Jan 3rd took delivery of my Hybrid. No issues, not a single complaint. I purchased at MSRP, no extra anything and the truck is fantastic! Hope this helps 😁
  19. Decked Bed Drawers

    I'm going to rig mine up for overlanding in the spring with a small drawer system, pull-out tray for my fridge, stove, sink etc. I camp out nearly every weekend, spring summer & fall and have tons of ideas