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  1. Maverick Flat Tire Changing A to Z

    My thoughts too. Gonna pick up a harbor freight breaker bar and leave it in the truck
  2. Maverick Flat Tire Changing A to Z

    140 ft/lbs? I don't think my torque wrench goes that high
  3. Difference in the bed liners?

    I can only guess the price difference is probably the thickness/quality of the plastic between the liner and hard drop in
  4. Difference in the bed liners?

    i ordered an XLT hybrid without any type of bed liner. I was looking at the Ford Accessories site and noticed the plastic bed liners are no longer on there anymore. My question is, does anyone know the difference between the $180 bed tray liner and the $375 hard drop in liner when on the ford...
  5. Placing order tomorrow

    Thanks, didn't even notice it defaulted to lease. Contacting the dealer right now
  6. Placing order tomorrow

    I'll have to check the ford site again. When I was messing with the site, it ended up just directing me to choose a dealer and they contacted me
  7. Placing order tomorrow[|Ford|Maverick|2022|1|1.|...M7...16B.60B.RET.86B.NZ6Z-17045N86-AA.FWD.993.XLT.]?gnav=hea Have an appointment tomorrow to place my order and make the deposit. Dealer has a $2000 non refundable deposit. Going with the xlt hybrid...