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  1. My Son is going to order a Mav today | UPDATE 45 days till production

    You may want to look at Real Truck for your bed cover. They advertise on MTC from time to time and offer discounts to fellow MTC members. I ordered a Gator soft Tri-Fold from them and it got delivered to my house in 2 days. They are easy to work with.
  2. Cell Phone Holder recommendations?

    Yes very noisy without the phone in it.
  3. 'Officially' Joined the Club - 2024 XLT FX4 Atlas Blue

    Good looking truck, and welcome!
  4. 2025 Maverick refresh and other rumors (from display manager at auto show)

    It would be neat if they made a work truck model. Rear seat delete with a flat storage area back there and do a kind of panel wagon treatment to the rear windows. No tooling necessary!
  5. Ford Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Explanation

    Thanks @TNFurb This was very informative. On my Hybrid, if I use the jump points under the hood, there is no way to screw up charging the battery. The biggest takeaway from the video is, why is his truck pulling 18 amps while it is off?
  6. Maverick Hybrid vs. Snow Storm

    That gives me more confidence with my Hybrid now!
  7. Maverick XL on Silver's coilovers and 20s.

    Kind of looks like something from Bladerunner or Robo Cop, very futuristic.
  8. Sad Maverick Owner. So mad at Ford...

    Ok I have a question, if the OP's truck was just sitting in the parking lot at the dealer, and a car on the road lost control and smashed into it. Who is at fault? I know this is NOT what happened, but the dealership says the accident was not the fault of the dealership technician. It was the...
  9. Battery Issue?

    Did you take it for a "long ride" and did it go away? I have had that message twice in the almost 2 years and 25,000 miles. I took it for about a 2 mile drive and the message went away. It is the truck protecting itself, so it will start when you need it to. I noticed when I had covid, I did...
  10. Will our Mavericks become like 64 1/2 Mustang?

    It will probably be as collectible as my 2006 Honda Element. Not very collectible but I am sure it will have a cult following like my Element did.
  11. P.S.I.Clone - The ST Ford Should Have Built

    Can't wait to see how this goes! Following
  12. Installed the Escape digital dual HVAC control today in my 23 Lariat Hybrid

    That looks a lot like my 22 XLT Lux. I just don't have the "Dual" on my right knob.
  13. My Tremor won't into neutral unless I hit the L button

    If you are going to ride in the car for the carwash, you should only have to put it in Neutral. If it is one of those carwashes that you need to get out and let it "ride" through the wash without you in it, I would say you need to hit the "L"
  14. Carbonized Gray Maverick Pinewood Derby Car

    But what about the FIRE recall??? Did you drill holes in the underpan?
  15. New arrival!

    The Mighty Atlas!
  16. Silver Maverick w/ body colored bumpers & rockers, rally stripe, lowering springs, wheels and tint

    That is one clean Maverick! I like the stripes too. In Honda speak, all of our Mavericks are the LX trim and your Maverick is an EX trim.
  17. Now I'm excited!

    There are a ton of them in Dayton area. I followed one on my way home from work, that one turned off the main street and another was right behind me. I think these little trucks are catching on ;)
  18. Now I'm excited!

    Another SW Ohio Maverick is on its way to it's new home! Congratulations.
  19. If I wasn't old and a stoner I might remember... Wait time between build date and delivery?

    If you look at the bottom you will see all the dates of my Journey :) PS. Those are all 2022 dates. So about a month to ship to SW Ohio