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  1. Remove cove tape off of B pillar on doors looks a lot better

    Yeah, I have area51 but removing it is a no from me. I like the less cluttered look with the black pillar.
  2. Mavericks In/Under Snow - Post Your Pics!

    I also enjoyed getting to test out the capabilities of the FWD when it got pretty deep here last week.
  3. FIXED!!! [was: Help - WATER LEAK in right rear seat compartment! (Mav XL hybrid, delivered 18 Dec) --- Guidance??]

    Well, same problem here. Went out of town for 5 days, the street is arched quite a bit so left / driver side of truck is higher when parked. I came home and the left passenger cargo tray beside the seed had about half an inch of water. Do I need to take this in to get the internal seal replaced...
  4. Why do some Wildpeak AT3s look less aggressive?

    I intentionally got the lighter 235s, as I didn’t want a super heavy tire on my hybrid, but they still provide an upgrade in grip, durability, and snow rating. They handle way better than the spec Continentals as well, less sidewall flex.
  5. Old VS New (Area 51 VS Azure Gray)

    It is I think.
  6. My 2024 Maverick in Terrain color delivered

    One of those colours that to me really suits the size and style of the Mav! Great choice.
  7. Bronco Sport Wheels

    Yeah I am running 17” bronco sport wheels, liking them a lot on my Mav.
  8. My JEWC Maverick build

    Such a cool colour, nice to see someone pushing things to be creative and make their truck unique! Nice job.
  9. 2023 SEMA Mavericks spotted

    The cutting board on the seat and the opened shipping box in the back seat are both details I appreciate on the first truck. That and the weird lightning bolt graphic.
  10. New Maverick Models / Variants Are Coming Says Ford

    My guess for AWD hybrid is more like 7-10k over, no way it’s as cheap as 2k.
  11. Ordering and wait times Vancouver experience

    Yeah exactly… you’ll need to get in touch with them and iron that out, and push for any pricing rebates based on the original pricing if possible.
  12. Brush guard

    This thing is pretty absurd looking, but each to their own- I support people doing their thing to make their truck unique.
  13. Ordering and wait times Vancouver experience

    I ordered from a prominent Vancouver dealer in Oct 2021 and got my truck in Feb 2023 (got a 23 model through a rollover process). I admit I was being a bit of a pain in the ass by the end, but fortunately it all worked out. I found that they really don’t have much information that they can...
  14. 245/70/17 Wildpeaks with Fifteen52 wheels on Hybrid -- opinions?

    I have 235/65r17 wildpeak at3w’s. I like em so far! (One week). I had the stock steelies before, and changed to these which are the stock setup with alloy wheels off the Bronco Sport Badlands. I notice a slight dip in mileage but overall they feel good, and are more useful for winter or...
  15. Surging when stopped. Anyone else?

    Are you me?! Identical here.
  16. Surging when stopped. Anyone else?

    They are right though, it’s a different issue. I had that other TSB applied and it stopped the shudders handing off from ice to gas, but doesn’t matter for this issue at warmup for my first stop sign where it wants to lurch forward.
  17. Cheap Exterior Mods Removed

    Personally I really don’t care if there is mild bending where the brackets attach for the cover, or minor scratching on those plastic caps… it’s a pickup truck and should be used and enjoyed.
  18. Hybrid SHUDDER Test - Please Try

    Should be good, mine was great on way to work today again.
  19. New Wheels for the Maverick. 17X7.5 SPARCO ALL-TERRAIN TERRA Black

    Agreed and same question on tire size especially. Thanks!
  20. Hybrid SHUDDER Test - Please Try

    Just for mine back today, I’m so happy. Driving today I was telling my wife “ see we are in gas mode, now in electric, in gas again, back to electric, see you can’t hear anything!” . Props to Ford for finding hopefully the perfect long term fix.