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  1. Maverick EV reportedly on hold until early next decade [⚠️ LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    EV's are just not ready for prime time yet...battery recharging and battery range anxiety are still a problem that no amount of marketing will solve IMHO. BHEV's are the key to less fossil fuel use in the USA vehicle fleet available today & in the near future.
  2. My 2024 Keypad alternate location... where's yours?

    that question has been on my mind as well. i am a BIG fan of the keyless entry keypad and have never understood why more OEM's dont offer this feature. but since Ford has seen fit to orient it horizontally i would probably go with somewhere on the driver side door but your choice seems cool :)
  3. 2nd Year Straight! Maverick is a Consumer Reports Best Cars of the Year 2024

    our little truck is still getting a LOT of love and deservedly so!
  4. Brand New Maverick Hybrid Owner, Hello to everyone!

    welcome to the club1 i have a '23 hybrid Lariet with 5k on the clock and it has made ALL kinds of different clicks, clanks & assorted noises both while running and just sitting in the garage. dont sweat it too much. a lot of what u hear can be chalked up to the system maintaining the desired...
  5. Pickup Truck Trunk

    just genius ! i peronaly use a soft rollup t. cover with a cargo net and some bungee cords but this is a elegant solution to where to put stuff in the bed. the options for decorative personalizations are endless as well
  6. Maverick Hybrid: Fully Loaded Headlamp Adjustment

    what a great and informative post! and the pix are very helpful as well.
  7. Sport Mode

    i'm curious as to what your typical preferred driving mode has been so far nd what if any differences as in MPG and such? i'm a 95% ECO mode guy myself.
  8. Consumer Reports Rates Maverick Reliability "Above Average" (April 2024 Issue)

    100% agree, at highway speeds >65mph or merging into traffic i have LOVED how much 'pep' the Hybrid had available. thoroughly satisfied with the get up and go so far(5k + miles on her so far.
  9. 2023 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid Shadow Black Build (Vors TR4, Eibach, Air Design spoilers, Bak tonneau cover, LasFit LEDs Etc)

    congrats on your Mav, that is one of the cleanest, coolest, custom builds ive EVER seen. well played Sir! one of the things i really like about this site is knowing that FORD is checking on us & with us
  10. Fishing rod bed rack DIY - Version 1

    i'm not big fisherman guy but i LOVE the ingenuity of your mod!
  11. Why Mavericks are Hot (The Affordability Crisis) [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    agree 100% i hope the folks at Ford are paying attention to how much demand here is for a affordable new vehicle...we'll see if there are more to come(i sure hope so)
  12. What is the age demographic of most buyers?

    i'll be 70yrs young this year and just LOVE my '23 lariat!
  13. Hauled 140 inch sectional sofa !!

    good job there, just more proof that our beloved little Mav is indeed a 'real' truck
  14. 2025 Maverick refresh and other rumors (from display manager at auto show)

    interesting, i applaud his optimism but doubt that Ford has ANY near term plans to add another body style to the Mav. the upfront costs in stamping equipment, dies and design work are enormous. plus the added complexity to the production process are hard to justify at this point in the model...
  15. Ford Raptor style grill for the Maverick - Installed Pics

    very nice job there! it looks ike it was put on at the factory :)
  16. 2023 MY Recall Notification 1/23/24

    a lot of dealers get such a bad rap, 9often deservedly so) that its VERY encouraging to hear about the ones that handle their business the 'right' way. there's a thread about good/bad dealers on this site that i Ford knows whats good for them they pay close attention to.