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  1. Ford Mobile Service/BCM update/hyper flash

    Lassfit has new rear turn bulbs available for the XL & XLT trim levels, but not the Lariat as of last week. They are/were still working on a fix for the top trim level, at least on the EB's.
  2. Homemade Bed Racks, Front & Rear

    Always amazed at the group's creativity to make the Mav their own. I especially like the fold feature with struts. The only change if mine would be to make the top gussets on the bottom side of the rail. Great job!
  3. Lasfit Confusion

    do you have a Lariat? If so, that is probably the issue. Maybe need to get with Lasfit then.
  4. Lasfit Confusion

    The rear red LEDs to my knowledge. On the Lasfit website, the XL/XLT show the new T3 series red LEDs are avail. There are NO rear red LEDs avail for the Lariat trim level trucks at this time.
  5. Lasfit Confusion

    Yes, the rear turn/brake lights are the issue with the dash hyperflash after the recall software update. My understanding is the new T3 Lasfits will / may work on XL & XLT trim levels, but those of us who have the Lariat will not. Options are so far, go back to OEM, wait for Lasfit to get a...
  6. Turn signal recall with Lasfit Bulbs

    Sorry to hear that. I made my svc appt for 3 days after the call, in / out recall software was done in 1 hr total. Didn't finish my coffee!
  7. Turn signal recall with Lasfit Bulbs

    Yes. The issue is with the Lasfit rear brake/turn signals only causing the dash to hyperflash. Front turns are OK and not causing the condition. I have it now also after the recall software update on my '23 Mav Lariat. In contacting Lasfit, they say they are aware of the issue for Mavericks...
  8. Door Sill Recommendations

    I have this on mine, it would look good on your Alto Blue truck.
  9. New Tint and Ceramic Coating

    The link is good but also can mislead a person. In Illinois, the tints listed are OK for cars, but you have to drill down farther to find that pickups are classed as multi-purpose vehicles. As such, the front-side window limit for cars is 35% and for trucks is 50%.
  10. Went to change cargo and 3rd brake light...

    The plastic insert clips had too much torque applied at the factory by the screws, and they stripped which you found. They will have to be replaced. Let the dealer do it under warranty. You could also try to get a small screwdriver head under the side lip of the screw possibly to lift it up...
  11. Headlight Upgrade

    That's 1 reason, among others, why I bought the Maverick vs the Santa Cruz. The NHSTA gave Maverick a much higher nighttime headlight rating
  12. How to cut the paint protection film to fit the truck shape?

    Xpel PPF has pre-made kits for the Maverick to protect various areas that you can also buy in self-install.
  13. No "Aux" 3.5mm input for audio system?

    Try to ensure that all files are MP3. I know that some GM's have issues with different file formats on the same USB.
  14. Front Hood Paint Protection: bug deflectors & PPF film protection?

    Big fan of the Xpel. I have that on my '23 Lariat, front hood leading edge (~18"), front fascia, bumper, fender sides, and rearview mirrors.
  15. 2023 vs 2024 Floor Mats

    I misspoke on the HD, it is an HP version. I don't why it wouldn't fit your '24. The '22 version fit my "23 Mav.
  16. 2023 vs 2024 Floor Mats

    WeatherTech has 2 levels of mats for the Maverick. The HD version, slightly thicker and a bit more $ fit better w/o the warp that can occur with the base mat.
  17. CD's on/to Thumb Drives

    I chose the rt angle as I wanted to use the USB-C port and I already had the flash drive. The connector was $8 for a 2pk.