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  1. Ford Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Explanation

    Someone shared a link to this on the Bronco Sport forum. I found it very helpful and interesting so I thought I would share here as well.
  2. This should generate healthy discussion

    I had heard nothing of this law passing back in 2023. I’m all for keeping impaired drivers off the roads. But I’m not sure about how I feel about this. It would have to be 100% reliable and not produce false positives or negatives. The liability on the car companies for a false negative would be...
  3. Anyone Found a Reusable bottle that fits?

    If there’s a thread on this already I apologize. I searched and it didn’t come up. Feel free to point me to it. But, I’m wanting a double walled reusable water bottle to keep with me when traveling and want it to fit in the bottle spot in the front doors. Anyone found one that fits? I don’t want...
  4. Fuelly Thoughts

    I see many people on here refer to the Fuelly app as a good means of tracking real MPG. I’m new to Fuelly and have a couple of questions if you’re interested in answering: 1) is it worth paying for the “premium” version? 2) do you trust it’s security enough to store your VIN and insurance info...
  5. No 11/16 schedule emails? Really?

    Since I haven’t seen anything official, is it true that zero scheduling emails went out this week? If so has there been any explanation from Ford?
  6. Bronco Sport Anyone?

    I ordered a Mavericks Lariat Hybrid in July the day the order banks opened. Since then the trade in value of my Ridgeline dropped a couple thousand dollars so I decided to go ahead and sell it rather than risk it dropping even more over the next 8-10 months it will likely take for the Maverick...
  7. 24MY Production 50/50 Hybrid vs EB

    Just a PSA. According to FordVideoGuy on his live YouTube broadcast just now, 50% of production capacity for 24MY Mavericks will be allocated to Hybrids
  8. Hood Deflectors & Gas Mileage

    I searched the forum and was unable to find any threads about this. So here goes. Has anyone tracked your gas mileage before adding a hood deflector vs after adding one? If so, what was the result and what was the specific hood reflector you installed?