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  1. Rock dinger front bumper

    She's a farm truck now at 1k miles. 24' Terrain Hadn't got it taken in to get the PPF done and now I need to melt it down and get a color match filler for the eraser sized ding. My 23' has 18k miles and had the PPF installed right away when I got it. Front end looks new. So I am a firm believer...
  2. Removal of add on accessories

  3. Dealer options added/ Removal

    Bug guard or wind deflector Rain visors on 4 windows Trifold soft cover Have not taken possession yet but these are installed. Would a hot air gun remove all these items without ruining the stock paint underneath? Yes I know to keep the gun moving and holding it back. Just not sure what the...
  4. 2.0 EB Escape?

    Looking to buy a AWD 23' ST Line Escape for my daughter. It has a 2.0 EB motor. I do see looking on here that it's stated the Maverick is on the same platform(which a lot of resemblance inside) had. Just curious if the escape itself is a solid rig and any feedback from people who own or had a...