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  1. Anyone actually sold their Maverick?

    Blasphemy!!!! We should discuss not such things henceforth!!!!
  2. Maverick odometer mileage at delivery?

    This is common on new production model vehicles. Mine had some miles on it when I bought it. No big deal.
  3. Pixelation on display screen

    I have had the same thing happen once. Reset the radio and hasn’t happened again.
  4. Which wheels look better?

    Ha! Was thinking that myself! Wouldn’t it be cool if Ford offered a 18% Grey as a paint option on the Mav? Just think, you could set white balance perfect every time you snapped a pic of your ride!
  5. Finance rate starting 1/4?

    If’n you got good credit, you should be able to get in the low 3% range pretty much anywhere. Maybe even lower..? When I bought mine, I told them to not come back with anything above 3 something.
  6. Eco mode vs regular mode and mpgs

    I doubt it saves much in gas overall. I mean really all it does is make the throttle less responsive, and shift points lower in the RPM range right? A guy could do the same thing with the old kicker.. I mean, you could just drive like gas costs $4 a gallon…..wait….☹️
  7. Can Forscan increase brightness in display?

    Mine seemed really dim when I bought the truck, but now it’s fine. Maybe I’m just used to it, or it brightened up after being used these last couple months… I don’t know…
  8. Ford Maverick selling out and I’ve yet to see any commercial for it

    I was driving around with the wife today and a very attractive woman walking across the parking lot was staring and smiling at us. My wife said ‘damn, that girl is checking you out!’…… I said nah, babe…. It’s the truck. 😢 She wanted it…..lol
  9. Non-lockable gas tank why?

    It’s hard to steal the gas without the thingy you put in the thingy. You know, the thingy they give you that’s stored in the thingy. How many gas thief’s carry a thingy with them?
  10. This may help and secure your stuff.

    I’ve heard you can use a drill to open the front drain holes if they get plugged….😎
  11. Real world comparison: Eco Mode vs. Sport Mode on Hybrid Maverick (tried to keep short)

    Oh for sure there’s a noticeable difference. My ‘17 Escape had sport mode with the paddle shifters and it was fun to drive and very peppy. I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube with the Mav doing speed runs but I don’t think any of them have really compared the difference or even noted which mode...
  12. Real world comparison: Eco Mode vs. Sport Mode on Hybrid Maverick (tried to keep short)

    If we could get two Mav’s side by side, one in sport mode, the other in eco and some 0-60 and flat out drag races that would be awesome. Let’s see what the difference really is!
  13. Odometer reading when I receive my Mav

    Mine came with a tag like that. Had 91 miles when I bought it. I have no problem with this.
  14. StarCommTrey1's Good, Bad & Ugly after 100+ miles in his new Hybrid Maverick Updated 12-23

    The switch between the two front dome lights will turn on all cab lights, as well as disable them.
  15. Auto Stop/Start Not Working

    Take it to the dealer and have your battery replaced. Mine was doing the same thing from day one. The sales manager told me unless the battery is operating at peak performance, the stop start system won’t work all the time. They replaced it within the first week. Since then it’s been working 100%.
  16. "Ute" Do the Aussies have it right?

    Don’t worry. The only guys calling it a “trucklette” are the ones driving $80,000 bro-dozers with $40,000 worth of useless “mods” trying to keep up with the Instagram flat brim cap crowd. The Mav can do 90% of what they use their status symbols for at 1/4 the price.
  17. The seat back doesn’t latch back in place. Help!

    Well, Sir, I do have my Maverick, and it came with a manual. I’m curious why a lot of people come to the internet for answers they can find in the book included with the truck. No offense to you personally.
  18. The seat back doesn’t latch back in place. Help!

    Pretty much. Imagine how lost most of the world would be without the internet…no offense to the OP.