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  1. Maverick fender alignment and review.

    Received Maverick XLT hybrid with CoPilot 360, hitch, & 400 W/120V on Friday April 8, 2022. Ordered Aug 18, 2021. Disengaged emergency brake. Then proceeded to slowly drive out of dealer lot and heard a loud clank. Haven't been able to duplicate it since with or without engaging/disengaging...
  2. Received Hybrid XLT less than 8 months after order.

    Ordered a Cactus Gray 2022 Maverick XLT hybrid with CoPilot 360, hitch +4 pin & 400W/120V/rear USB from Mike Hungate at Helfman Ford back on Aug 18, 2021 at MSRP +TTL +$150 doc fee. Delivered nearly 8 months later on Apr 8, 2022 with less than 5 miles on it. Delivery price was price protected...