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  1. Switching to the cheapest AGM battery on the market after 2 Motorcraft failures in 2 years

    Hey folks, Like many of you, I've had issues with the battery not holding a charge. The first time it happened, it was about a year in. Battery was replaced. Now almost two years in, having the same exact issue with the replacement battery. So I made a (probably foolish) decision to buy the...
  2. Scratched tail light - sand or replace?

    Hi folks, Yesterday, a guy in a parking lot ended up backing into my truck with his FJ Cruiser. Luckily, the only thing that hit was his bike on his rack. It ended up somewhat deeply scratching my tail light. So...my question is: does this look like it can be buffed out easily? Should I find a...
  3. Washington Sold: Set of Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires

    Selling set of Pirellis with about 2000 miles on them. Asking $200 total but honestly flexible. Don't want to throw them away lol
  4. Ditch lights brackets for the hood?

    Anyone have a lead on any ditch light brackets for the hood?