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  1. Change XLT parking lights to be the DRL's instead of low beams

    That is something we have to see. I always had vehicle specific scanner so this time is no different. Mine is 2024 model though. The problem is that if I turn the parking light on while driving, it does not turn off when engine is shut off. There can be a time when I forget about it and after...
  2. Change XLT parking lights to be the DRL's instead of low beams

    What do you mean :) Got my truck last month and obdlink ex today. I got to change the drl to parking light. Those lamps are over 1k each, cannot keep them running all the time
  3. Non-Slip surface for bed floor?

    I bought OEM rubber bed mat while customizing my truck. Later, I bought OEM modular bed. The rubber bed mat is thick, heavy and should not let anything slip / slide too much. Since, I cannot return the mat its on top of the modular. Does not fit well but that is how it will stay on.
  4. Maverick Front Grill

    What is that white trim and where did you get it?
  5. Maverick Front Grill

  6. Maverick Front Grill

    No wonder I could not find the snap points for that bar on the grill. I am only concerned about the dimensions. Planning to put these two in the pics. Are the dimensions same across the model years? Do you this it will hold on?
  7. Extended Warranty Questions

    That is the info I was looking for..
  8. Extended Warranty Questions

    I just got my truck last month. If I understand correct, I can still get extended warranty before the end of 3 yrs / 36000 miles. And if I want just the powertrain warranty then by the end of 5 yrs / 60000 miles? thanks!
  9. Maverick Front Grill

    I have attached a pic with some part of the grill highlighted. My Maverick 2024 XL. Are those part of grill same across all XL models. I am planning to put some trim cover on them.
  10. Signal lights as DRLs?

    I know this is an older post but no point in opening a new thread with some similar question. Have not tried forscan yet, is it possible to turn parking light off once the truck is turned off? thanks.
  11. Jeepers ….$150 oil change???

    My smart wifey paid $115 dollar for her CRV hybrid. But, once she sees that I am doing it on my maverick, she will let me do on her CRV now.
  12. Anyone else feels Maverick steering is a bit "heavy"?

    me too but I like it ..good for highway speed
  13. FordPass Monitor says Blind Spot Detection with Cross Traffic not functioning

    Wow man! Yes I did plug a fancy light and got the error. Is there a way to get rid of the error warning or I need to take off my fancy light? It makes sense - it thinks I have a big a@@ trailer connected.. TIA
  14. Siriusxm FM adapter install?

    ok, found the radio receiver tucked under. But, still trying to figure out fm adapter installation,...
  15. Siriusxm FM adapter install?

    Well, I took out the radio and it is not that easy as it shows on youtube. Where does the fm adapter install? Is it under the dash on passenger side? thanks?
  16. What type of adapter to use here (bed outlet)?

    maybe this ? https://www.amazon.com/Motoparty12V-Power-Connector-Plugs-Maverick/dp/B0BTYVQS5K
  17. Recall and Oil Change.

    What was the recall for / about?
  18. Messed up rail torx screw

    I did not get the exact spot for holes so drilled it when the liner was installed. Apparently, some of the liner material went inside the screw holes. The screw went about all the way in but slightly out to catch the slider lightly. When I tried to get it off, it wont come off. No punches, ez...