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  1. New Ford Maverick Lighting Kits by Diode Dynamics | 1/18/24

    Where's the kit to completely replace these with something better?
  2. Why No Keypad?

    I love the keypad on my '23 XLT. The truck would be a totally different vehicle without the keypad and without the rear window. Ford sucks for taking away this feature.
  3. Well, it was a fun 700 miles

    Do you need a new passenger front quarter panel or repair too or is that just hood and cowl panel that crunched?
  4. maverick bumping in drive with foot on the brake

    Seems like a better way to drive. That auto hold feature does feel A LOT more like an auto creep off button. You just have to push the brake pedal enough it's like you've clicked a button or clicked a computer mouse 🖱. I only just remembered to try it today so not a lot of testing.
  5. Why so cheap?

    They are the Fx4 or Tremor wheels just in all black. Once you see it, you cannot unseen it.
  6. Why so cheap?

    Yes. These are the wheels that came on that photo of the pallet. They're more matte, they're not glossy. Ford accessories has 20% off now for black Friday until end of November
  7. Why so cheap?

    I didn't see them. I thought about weighing the wheels before the tires went on but I did not.
  8. Purchased 3 All Weather Floor Mats. Review Inside

    Yes for the price and the fact they're in the back just warm them up (leave them in the sun for a bit) and cut them.
  9. maverick bumping in drive with foot on the brake

    I was thinking that, does the hybrid even have a torque converter? No.
  10. maverick bumping in drive with foot on the brake

    I never use auto hold. Just the kind of driving I am doing I am never in stop-and-go traffic it's all country roads and early mornings or late nights before or after 12-hour shifts
  11. maverick bumping in drive with foot on the brake

    I've posted about this issue before my Maverick just seems to be doing it more and more in the cold weather (0C, -3C) and even after my dealership says they have updated all the modules. You will be in drive with your foot on the brake and the truck is bumping, nudging, shaking. It's not a...
  12. I am going nuts measuring m14 nuts to use on Bronco Sport Wheels

    Check this post for more details. These lugnuts: Eisen M14 Black Ford accessories had a 15% off fall sale plus I had A LOT of rewards points on a Ford credit card from buying everything for my house+life on it since April 2024 so I got a reasonable $451.11 on the wheels, Continental in August...
  13. Get your software updates done!

    Yes, the service department at the closest Ford dealership is also complete clueless and unwilling to research the Maverick. I'm at the point I buy Forscan and check SW versions myself.
  14. Light tint

    What tint is on the side windows? That looks very dark, might just be the Angle.
  15. Why so cheap?

    The end
  16. New winter wheels and tires installed. Post yours up!

    These are just the Tremor/FX4 wheels in matte black I didn't have time to take a nice photo, just a snap. I need to tint my front windows. Use your imagination. Wheels: BRONCO SPORT 2021+ 17" GLOSS BLACK LOW WHEEL KIT SKU: M1007KS17BSB Tires: 225/65R-17 Continental VikingContact 7 XL...
  17. I am going nuts measuring m14 nuts to use on Bronco Sport Wheels

    👍none taken, I think I read that thread. I was trying to avoid this thread becoming that.
  18. I am going nuts measuring m14 nuts to use on Bronco Sport Wheels

    When measuring them myself they are exactly the same except for the seat by 2 mms. If I ever get to see an FX4 wheel or Tremor wheel in person I'll measure it with a caliper & play dough moulds vs my all black bronco sport wheel. It's a good sign too, like you say "aftermarket wheels are not...