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  1. Global Window Open Confirmed Working (Lariat Only)

    I can confirm on my Lariat that these edits work for 'Global Window Close'. I did not like the beep when hitting the lock button on the remote the second time so I made one further change. I disabled 'Audible Lock Feedback - Initial Value' and 'Audible Lock Feedback - Vehicle' in the BdyCM...
  2. Failed Brakes

    Do you know how the 'pre-collison system' was configured? It has several options, one is to basically do nothing but warn the driver. . . Another is to brake only and another involves evasive steering. I have mine configured to brake only. . . . The pre-collision system on my Maverick went off...
  3. Air Lift 1000 Helper Air Springs and WirelessONE Compressor System Installed

    Nice install. . . . , glad you are happy with them and they are doing what you want.
  4. Well, I guess it could be worse (Accident). $8K repair estimate

    Not totaled with the bed torn in two places? . . . It will be interesting to see the result of the repairs.
  5. Radiator Shutters sounds

    I have been told that the clickety-click sounds are relays. I've never bothered to find out. It sure sounds like a lot of them though.
  6. Would you buy an EV maverick for 25-30k?

    No EV period for me, maybe when ceramic batteries are perfected, but not now. I'd go for PHEV though.
  7. Diode Dynamics fog lights

    Nice setup. Is the picture of the light switch the F150 switch or the Maverick hybrid switch?
  8. Rear tailgate ladder

    When it is stowed, does it interfere with carrying 4X8 sheets and the tailgate at the 45 degree position? I'm curious if the 4X8 sheet still rides on the edge of the tailgate or if it rides on the step.
  9. Hybrids: What tire did you switch to, and do you like it?

    It keeps the mag wheels from being exposed to the winter road treatments in Iowa.
  10. What would you like Ford to offer as an option on the Maverick

    To the half full/half empty thing, an engineer might say, 'the glass is too large'.:)
  11. My hybrid sounds like a spaceship!

    The noise appears in 'L' for me as well. Forgot to mention that. . . . . Low works great around town at low speeds. It's 'fun' to see the regen change when 'L' is engaged/disengaged. The same thing for the electric motor usage when going up a grade. . . the electric motor usage increases in 'L'...
  12. Pressure on brake pedal but, the truck creeped forward after stopping.

    We've had our truck for about 15 months (2022 MY Lariat hybrid lux package) and the other day it did something it had never done before. I was stopped at the end of our driveway waiting for a truck to pass by me. I had my usual pressure on the brake pedal but the truck wanted to creep forward...
  13. My hybrid sounds like a spaceship!

    When regen braking, our Lariat hybrid makes some noise but nothing like what you are describing. Sometimes, (not often) it will go into 'low' gear instead of regen braking. . . . when it does that, I am assuming that the HVB is fully charged and the software is utilizing the 'tranny' to reduce...
  14. Hybrids: What tire did you switch to, and do you like it?

    For winter, I got steelies and mounted a set of Michelin CrossClimate2 tires on them (stock size). . . I kept the Michelin Primacy tires on the black mag wheels that came with the truck. When I need tires, I'll be buying CrossClimate2 again. They grip well in snow, they're quieter than the...
  15. Heated Steering Wheel ❤️

    Funny how an option like heated seats, mirrors, steering wheel and wipers can spoil you for other vehicles.
  16. 2025 Maverick refresh and other rumors (from display manager at auto show)

    I like the cab and bed as they are. . . I wish that rep had been talking up a PHEV version though.
  17. Costco / Kirkland full synthetic oil is not certified for use in any Ford

    I just take my vehicles to the dealer for servicing. They do an extensive multi-point inspection and they top off all consumable fluids. I get Ford parts, oil and know how for around $55 and my wife and I can have our day to ourselves. I used to change my own oil but I got over it. :)
  18. Aftermarket blind spot detection system?

    I don't know what a 'meta system' is but, if you really want the capability, have you talked to your dealer about what it would take to install the factory system?
  19. Motortrend's Maverick also rear-ended 🤣 [here's how much it cost to fix]

    The article says that the driver stepped on the brakes, so it probably was not the 'no brake lights when slowing down in ACC mode' issue. . . I sure wish Ford would fix that.
  20. Rear Winch Idea

    I installed one and here's the post. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/installed-a-hitch-mounted-winch.30916/