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  1. Headlight Upgrade

    Funny I do get flashed occasionally by other drivers when using low beams but i have never been impressed with how much they illuminate.. just OK in my view. Unfortunately the sealed design probably doesn't lend itself to upgrades as won't be enough interest to encourage costly development of...
  2. 2022 Ford Maverick XL 12300 miles. Was told I need new tires today.

    Michelin defender2. Worth joining a warehouse club like Costco to purchase. Club deals cycle every couple of months. Buy a tire measuring tool at any auto parts store to confirm wear. If verified have your current tires checked for any unusual wear that may have resulted with an issue...
  3. SoCal dealer South Bay Ford sold my dad's Maverick without telling us it arrived

    Check to see if you are exposing yourself to liability by posting the mug shots. Understandable and very humorous to me personally but may work against you for a variety of reasons. Perhaps better options like small claims court for breach of contract, better business bureau, etc. My local...
  4. Talk me into or out of the Maverick--getting cold feet

    I have the hybrid and have owned an AWD ecoboost maverick as well. I have had both through northern Wisconsin winters. The ecoobost was a beast in snow and icy roads even with the stock tires. The hybrid would need snow or all weather tires if you need to drive through an unplowed country...
  5. Folding Rear Headrests Installed

    Great idea.
  6. Maverick shortage is over?

    I doubt we will see new Mavericks sitting on lots for a month any time soon. But definitely see more sold close to MSRP over the next two years and reduced wait time for orders. If 2025 announces any significant improvement then demand may again signicantly exceed annual capacity. Probably...
  7. Old VS New (Area 51 VS Azure Gray)

    Not probably. Definitely. Marketing hoping to spin the popularity into more profit. Perhaps they should have called it roswell or meteor grey. But that might have Alenated customers. Hmm Alienated grey? I do like the color though.
  8. Poll, Hybrid owners with NO problems

    23 xlt lux cp360 delivered February 2023 with 12,000 trouble free miles Averaging @42mpg on bridgestone weatherpeak tires Annoyed at not being able to lock in at least eco mode. And wish AWD had been an option but overall a great vehicle with nothing else comparable.
  9. Recommendation on front license plate holder

    I like it. This was one of the companies I checked two years ago when they did not offer for the maverick.
  10. Toyota EPU EV concept, a Maverick competitor?

    If getting into the Mavericks market is the desire then Toyota would need to develop something off the rav4 hybrid platform and maybe take away some of the good ideas behind this concept. I like some of the features like the midgate but not feasible for Toyota to pull this vehicle off as an EV...
  11. Consumer Reports Says These Cars Are Currently The Wost Deals, Tom Disagrees

    CR tries to be objective with what they are reporting. One of their grains of salt that is most subjective is ride quality and how much that weighs into their evaluation. Tacomas and most trucks get negatively impacted by that measure. Maverick benefits in that assessment. I like the idea...
  12. DIY Quarter Panel Replacement - So Fun

    That is great. Glad that this was worked out in production. I had looked into this because someone creased the quarter panel on my then almost brand new 2023 hybrid. I ended up having the minor body work and repaint done…. 1.2K later. Thanks for posting on this.
  13. DIY Quarter Panel Replacement - So Fun

    So the Replacement is bolt on? I figured this was possible if buying new replacement. Eventually these may be sold painted. The factory has at least one spot weld. Seen on a YouTube video and confirmed at the junk yard were the replacement panel I found had paint loss due to needing to heat...
  14. Just got a call from Ford..

    Did you get your XL? How was the final experience, if so?
  15. Latest 2024 Maverick Order Guide Released [Updated Monthly]

    Comment in one of the threads stated that azure grey tri-coat is a 995.00 up-charge on other ford models.
  16. Latest 2024 Maverick Order Guide Released [Updated Monthly]

    Area 51 gone so that is a fact of a popular color—perhaps the most popular—being abandoned. They replaced it with a similar color that is a $1K up charge. Pure profit play. Not everyone wants a metallic color which was part of the attraction of Area 51.
  17. Roof diffuser / vortex generator

    Copy that. I will live with it. I was surprised b/c my 2006 Honda ridgeline did not have this issue
  18. Roof diffuser / vortex generator

    harsh. Not necessarily lobbying for a 19 dollar accessory but I get your point on the basic design makes modification with a cheap component unlikely. All I know is my ears feel the pressure differential and if that is just a fact of life and not practical to correct then I can live with it...
  19. Roof diffuser / vortex generator

    I am interested because I can feel a differential pressure if I open my sliding window particularly at highway speeds. It is slight but present. So I am intrigued at any idea that may change the airflow without increasing drag or looking crappy installed.