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  1. 1 Year with 2022 XLT Hybrid Maverick: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    I liked your review . I picked up mine from the same dealer in May of last year . Good experience when I took delivery , no surprise on the quoted cost from 9 months earlier. Enjoy the truck , and found the mileage even better after 9000km. Was not aware of the dealership change until recently ...
  2. 9 and a half months, but It's all good now.

    They told me delivery 5-6 weeks from the built date , April 11 . Was about 5 weeks from the plant.
  3. 9 and a half months, but It's all good now.

    We're in the Vancouver area , so we're blessed with 75 cents fuel ,carbon and transit taxes.
  4. 9 and a half months, but It's all good now.

    Came in this week. Priced as quoted last August. Happy with the deaer : Dams in Surrey. Great to get it home . Didn't expect to sell my2008 F150 in less than a day. First guy to come by brought cash, and took it home.The hybrid is good with our west coast fuel prices , $2.30 a litre last week !
  5. The Official April 4 build week excitement thread!

    Recieved an email mine has been built this week and awaiting shipment. Delivery mid to end of May. Looking forward to a summer trip !
  6. [CANADA] Anyone have a hybrid yet?!

    I ordered Hybrid in August . No word yet . XLT Lux, Hot Red Pepper , Co-360, Folding cover.....Ever hopeful !