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  1. New Member. Just ordered a Maverick

    Good day all, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Kris and from Calgary, Alberta. Canada. I just ordered a Maverick XLT with Ecoboost in Cactus Grey. I've been intrigued by the Maverick since it launched as my first vehicle was a '91 Ford Ranger that I miss a lot. The Maverick reminds me of my...
  2. About to Order an Ecoboost XLT. A couple of questions.

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum. Tomorrow I will be placing an order for a 2024 Maverick XLT with the Ecoboost and AWD. I understand there is quite a wait for production, but I was wondering if anyone has any insights into which options, colours etc that can affect production time. I'm...