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  1. 2023 XLT Journeyman edition w/ homemade packout shelf

    Love it! I am more of a Ryobi guy myself. I love the green and never had an issue (knock on wood). You did a great job very functional!! My one suggestion would be to get the subby antenna so you rip yours off with a ladder or something up top. Where sis you order the rack from? was it hard to...
  2. Private Offer Missing

    Oh good to know. I have a friend that might need this info.
  3. Private Offer Missing

    I would call Ford customer service. I called them a couple days ago because I stopped getting updates on my build. I also cannot log into the tracking website. They were friendly, helpful and had all the info I was looking for. Only waited about 3 min. In the middle of the day.
  4. Truck Bed Divider Art

    I love what you did as well. I'm not much of an artist. You got me thinking. I may just do regular boss but burn them and seal it.
  5. Maverick November 2023 Sales & Production: Sold 10,379 / 13,826 Produced, Wow!

    So what are people seeing NOW for production to delivery? My truck just started production this week and Ford said today there is no wait for any items. I was expecting it to be end of Feb before I would see it. Question; How long was your time from production to delivery? What state do you live...
  6. 2024 Maverick Review: Little truck still without peer and easy to love (Autoblog)

    So I have a Hyundai Sonata limited, currently. When I had the subscription for the app. There was an option to create a widget on my phone that could show up on the lock screen (Android). I am not sure if iPhone has this option. All I had to do to start or unlock the car was have the screen turn...
  7. removal of black vinyl on doors

    Holy cow, I didn't even know that was a thing! I'm so conflicted now. My 24' is in production!
  8. 💡 Converting the Maverick side badge to a signal lamp light -- DIY how-to and result video [night video added]

    After speaking with the owner. It comes with an LED light that seems pretty bright. This would tap into one of the front turn single wires. It has just any everything. These things do take a lot of time to create.
  9. 💡 Converting the Maverick side badge to a signal lamp light -- DIY how-to and result video [night video added]

    Oh nice. I'm pretty handy with stuff like that. But it would suck to spend $200 and have issues. Was it easy to wire up?
  10. 💡 Converting the Maverick side badge to a signal lamp light -- DIY how-to and result video [night video added]

    I looked but did not see this listed as a replacement option on this thread. This guy has made side badges and other things for many vehicles. I found on his website (missed it on Etsy), that he has made one for Mavericks. They seem like very good quality. light up and non light options. I have...
  11. Tailgate letters

    Did you mean to share all of those pictures. There is some personal info on there. Maverick. Is very pretty though.
  12. Our almost ready to go Maverick Toad

    Sorry, missed the other one where someone asked. Thanks for the info. Looks great.
  13. Our almost ready to go Maverick Toad

    Diode Dynamics led bulbs.... I have not heard anyone mention those, that I recall. - where did you get them? - reasonably priced? - any hyper flicker/flash issues?
  14. New Member - MY2024 Lariat Hybrid Cactus Gray

    Please share all the pics. in and out. this is what I have ordered. I am not expecting to see mine until closer to Feb. or March.
  15. I love baby truck! Ceramic coating done

    If you don't mind me asking what does this normally cost to have someone do? How long does it last.
  16. Took delivery of ‘24 Terrain Maverick Lariat Hybrid (pics)

    45ish degrees in Chicagoland and getting colder through the week.
  17. Mavericks parking by Mavericks.

    It really is an impressive truck. look at those campers they pulled!!! LOL
  18. 2024 Wait Time Estimates

    Mine was ultimately delayed to 12/2. We will see if that holds true. Especially since I have not received any updates. I also cannot get into the customer order site.
  19. Auto Dimming + Homelink aftermarket mirror?

    I have a 2018 Hyundai Sonata with the smart mirror. Does anyone know if that one will work....
  20. My Maverick got built today!!

    My daughter and I were playing with clay today. I had the idea to build my Maverick. It is an exact scale replica of my 24 my Maverick..... Wouldn't you agree?? Unfortunately, it looks like a Raptor with an 8' bed. 😂