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  1. Mau's One-Year Peru Adventure with the 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat FX4

    Thanks for the videos and pictures. It is great to see that my Maverick is capable of much more than I will ever put it through.
  2. Michigan Complete set 17" Steelies with Continental Tires

    Are center caps and lug nuts included?
  3. Gauging Interest in a Charity Raffle for New '23 XL Hybrid

    I would be interested in a raffle.
  4. Giveaway: Win a Tozalazz Off-Road 12V Air Compressor!(closed)

    I am currently using a Harbor Freight air compressor for inflation.
  5. $1000 OFF MSRP on 2024 Maverick Truck Orders - Granger Ford

    Thanks for letting us know about eco boost possible re-opening.
  6. MY23 Private Offer Eligibility

    I tried that phone number and they transferred me to another number, 1-800-334-4375. That person was able to give me a certificate number and the value..
  7. When Will You Take Delivery of Your Maverick? Win A Gift for Your Truck!

    I ordered January 27, 2022. I tried to transition to a 2023, but there was a problem so I had no order. The dealer called and offered a 2022 that the customer refused which I picked up on November 30, 2022. It took almost exactly 10 months from start to finish.
  8. Speedometer off....anyone else?

    2022 Lariat Ecoboost AWD. Mine is off the same 1 mph. So I just set cruise to 56 mph to achieve 55 mph
  9. Check What New Accessories Muslogy Made for Maverick And Win Your Prize!

    Yes, it adds a second space to store things and the spaces are larger than stock. It fits tight to the stock opening and there are foam strips to stick on it if necessary. I did not use the foam strips and mine does not rattle at all(2022 AWD with FXZ4 package and Trailer tow package. compare...
  10. Costco / Kirkland full synthetic oil is not certified for use in any Ford

    I bought Quaker State 5W30 on sale at Menards for 19.99 after 11% back in a rebate check earlier in 2023. It is stated on the jug that it meets the Ford spec for the Ecoboost. I too use the Ford Pass App to put in receipts, etc to record my changes.
  11. Check If These Mud Flaps Are What You Have Been Looking For - Affordable Alternatives to The OEM 【Update: Save with 10% coupon】

    I received my set last week and I did not get the tool to remove the pegs. I had the tool so not a problem fo me but it might be a problem for someone else.
  12. Oil change on FX4 REALLY requires skid plate removal (heed the PSA!)

    I agree with the OP. I changed the oil and filter today and after taking o the front skid plate off and looking at the filter, I decided it would be easier and cleaner to take out a few more bolts and remove the whole skid plate. It was much easier to change both oil and filter. I also found a...
  13. Ford pass app - adding service records?

    I am using it and it works well for me. Did you check the disclaimer box just above the save record?
  14. OEM Bed Divider install instructions guide?

    I found this PDF in another thread about this kit. You can search the site for the thread. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/attachments/bed-divider-kit-pdf.88232/
  15. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    Yes, When I shut off my truck, The mirror is immediately off also. I just have to remember to press the button to close the garage door before shutting off the truck after I enter the garage. On a side note, I am really liking the rotary shift knob. Whenever I push the button(Lariat) to shut...
  16. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    I want to thank the OP for posting about this mirror. I too bought one and installed it a couple of weeks ago. I did not want to splice wires, so I ran the wires all of the way down to the fusebox on the passenger side of the Maverick. I tied both power wires together and used a micro 2 fuse tap...