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  1. Question on VIN

    Greetings all. Eagerly awaiting my rollover '23>'24 Lariat Hybrid, due to start production next week. General question: I always was under the impression that the last number of a car's year was someplace in the VIN. Yet the preproduction VIN I got from Ford doesn't have a "4" in it. Am I...
  2. So your Mav won’t get built….What’s your Plan B?

    Greetings all. Like many of you I’m exasperated about the strong possibility my ordered ‘23 Maverick Lariat hybrid won’t get built. But with my current ride heading into the 9th inning, I have to be realistic. My Plan B is a Honda CRV Sport Touring or a Mazda CX-5. What’s yours?
  3. When to present X-Plan and TFB info to dealer?

    Greetings all. I ordered a Lariat Hybrid and know I have a 50/50 chance of ever seeing it in the near or medium future. That said, when do I present my X-Plan and Texas Farm Bureau credentials to my dealer? Once I'm notified of a pre-production date? Delivery? Many thanks.
  4. Looking for a white Maverick EB XL?

    Come to Tomball, Texas. I went by today to verify 360 Co-Pilot Assist was on my Lariat hybrid order placed in September and they had just under 100 white XL EBs on the lot! Very glad y’all gave us a heads-up to check our orders - true enough, my sales person had checked the CP, but didn’t...