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  1. Salvage 2023 Lariat FX4 4K

    I know someone who bought a “totaled” maverick for $15K all in. Grill, bumber, airbags and headlights were the only thing damaged. Went to Mexico and got the parts for cheap. Oh yeah, it was also a Lariat Hybrid. Crazy
  2. Lariat Dual-Zone Climate Control Swap

    They did.
  3. Sync3 upadate Lariat lux

    I tried downloading the software and did the steps but it didn’t work for me.
  4. Mavericks parking by Mavericks.

    Neighbors. 23 Tremor 23 Lariat
  5. My 2024 Maverick in Terrain color delivered

    I just finished telling my wife this.
  6. Who has an Amazon tri-fold hard bed cover

    Okay. I also noticed it was not perfectly I've noticed those same things. now about the leaking areas. I will need to take a look these days that it’s raining here.
  7. Who has an Amazon tri-fold hard bed cover

    May I ask from which areas are you getting water? On my threat, someone mentioned from the gaps of the tail gate. I believe there’s also the small gaps close to the curve on the bulkhead. I added small pieces of weather stopping to seal the gap.
  8. Who has an Amazon tri-fold hard bed cover

    I have the eBay one… I love it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/295849441104 thread : https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/ebay-hard-tri-fold-tonneau.37932/
  9. This Thing is Capable!!

    That’s awesome. The truck has impressed me. Round trip from south Texas to Florida, decent hauling weight and stability through storms… yeah.. Ford knocked it out. My wife’s asked me if I’d go back to full size Ram and I told her with confidence, for as long as Ford makes the Maverick, I’ll...
  10. My 2024 Maverick is built! Anyone else?

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the new terrain color.
  11. Bed cover dimensions?

    Are you asking the size of the bed or a tonneau cover? This would be hard to give you because all covers are different in dimensions. Hard, soft, hard or roll up… all different. General had to be 4.6ft. In length. this thread should also help...
  12. SiriusXM Radio on XLT?

    Stream via Bluetooth using app. I have the lariat with built in siriusxm but I still stream using app. I usually download the albums to my phone and use “offline” when service is spotty. No issues whatsoever
  13. jcast0311

    South Texas Mavericks

    What’s going on gents! We now have 4 members in our club. Just wanted to say hey and thank you for joining. If y’all are down, let’s see yalls Mavericks! I sure would like to see what you have and mods done to your truck.
  14. My 2024 Maverick is built! Anyone else?

    Mine took exactly 13 days and I like on the border of south Texas.
  15. Cover on top of engine missing?

    I’m debating the switch to hybrid but I don’t want to pay the $1,500 again. They did that to me when I got the EB.
  16. Miles on truck at delivery

    Well my OCD is bugging me about it so I took it off from my display
  17. Lariat/BAP/Tremor tail lamp mod.

    I did my best here.
  18. Lariat/BAP/Tremor tail lamp mod.

    I think I saw a threat that said, BAP, lariat and Tremor are the only ones that have the halo tail lamps. check this thread. Looks like it does. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/bap-black-appearance-package-2023-maverick-spotted-back-front-views/