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  1. Why the ecoboost?

    Hybrid order banks were closed :(
  2. Saw CYBER TRUCK on the road

    I support it and all its uniqueness. I am so bored of all the vanilla vehicles on the road. I view it as a reset and move foward.
  3. Old VS New (Area 51 VS Azure Gray)

    I love the AZURE Gray better. But i'm not sure which one it is :LOL:
  4. Trick question...

    Sitting in traffic for an hour.
  5. DIY (Extra Storage) behind rear seats

    So there is enough room back there to mount a rifle/shotgun... hmmm...
  6. New cactus grey owner

    Congrats on your new maverick! you have great taste.
  7. Center Cap Sizing

    I purchased these. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09CPDQ672/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  8. Early Black Friday, Walmart - Cooper All-Terrains

    Walmart currently has a very good price for Cooper AT tires. These are basically the old AT3 tires rebranded. $111 a tire. I just purchased a set and can't wait to get them mounted...
  9. FWD ECOBoost-ECO vs Sport Mode, What's the real difference?

    Eco mode feels like your grandmother driving the old hooptie. Sport mode feels like you're 21 again, reckless and unapologetic. Now add a racechip in to the equation, and its all smiles in sport mode.
  10. MAV detected an accident last night. Ha ha.

    I say this every time my dash SCREAMS at me.
  11. 80 mph is top speed on Maverick? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS. Warnings & Bans Handed Out]

    Prison Guard, Psychologist, Baby Sitter??? Reminds me of my Job
  12. 80 mph is top speed on Maverick? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS. Warnings & Bans Handed Out]

    How do I sign up to be an ADMIN? I was a hall monitor, and a crossing guard!
  13. Husky floor mat set $125 at real truck. Canceled got smartliners

    I purchased these exact matts, front and rear. Very happy with them! Great quality and coverage.
  14. Dashboard Rattle:Is It Worth Getting Fixed?

    My specific rattle goes away if i press/apply pressure on the climate control cluster. Or to the left lower section of the dash below it. Leading me to believe its coming from this area. Im going to be removing everything and adding deadner to this cheap interior. I doubt dealers have the...
  15. Sub $200 stereo makeover

    Two 12" subs in a box less the .5 cubic feet???
  16. What have you fit in your Maverick?

    Over 1300 Amazon packages. 50 or less at a time 😃.
  17. Bluetooth issues?

    Pro tip: If you want to reboot your stereo. Hold the POWER and NEXT/SKIP button down. You can do this while driving.