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  1. Carplay and general software issues investigation

    Yes, I have been dealing with this in my 22 XLT since I picked it up . Told dealer at first oil change… guess what, they told me all working fine. Still happens even after updates.
  2. Anyone else get a refund from ford?

    I was price protected with my 22 Maverick. And about 2 months after delivery, my salesman called to tell me I got a check waiting. From Ford through the dealer. $1021 bucks.
  3. 11/30/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Have faith and trust… @fordvideoguy says today is the day. I’ll wait, pray, curse and worry, but I’ll do it with faith and trust.
  4. Is CoPilot360 Standard with all trim levels?

    You will also note that Ford Motor Company sells a full size spare tire, which isn’t the SAME size as your other 4 tires. Which, any automotive engineer will tell you to NEVER, NEVER EVER mix tire sizes. Just another law suit waiting to happen.
  5. DIY Hitch Snow Plow

    First meter, curb, iceberg you hit, that wood is going to splinter…. Maybe add a metal 8 inch saddle on the bottom… not too heavy, buy will take the grinding on the ground.
  6. Wireless Carplay adapter that is reliable?

    That exactly my experience. Hard wired is bether, but still not great. XLT radios just plain SUCK.
  7. Eco mode vs regular mode and mpgs

    I tried ECO mode for a few tankfuls…. I tried 50/50 mix of Eco/Normal for a few tankfuls… then Normal for a few tankfuls. I drive the same way, almost all city driving. Best MPG’s are with Normal Mode. Paper and pencil calculations.
  8. 11/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [POSTPONED TO 11/30]

    That not how it works, dealers can post no lower than a Priority 10… anything lower is a Ford Assembly Plant number. dealer numbers were all 19 and below, to allow for fleet orders, etc… but 10 is the lowest they can issue.
  9. 11/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [POSTPONED TO 11/30]

    According to Ford Chat, My XLT hybrid order was just changed from a Priority 10 to a Priority 9, clean…. Anyone know what that means?
  10. New week 11/13 -

    Will there be scheduling this week?
  11. 2023 Maverick Hybrid XLT Front Axle Wobble Journey

    The answer to this question is simple. They are paying those prices because they can.
  12. Monthly payment

    2022 AWD Lux, 3 years Ford Money @ $216 per month… zero percent😍
  13. Are the problems fixed for MY24 hybrids?

    Did the update, nothing changed. Radio to CarPlay is horrible… bought 3 differnt car play units from Amazon…. All work occasionally, even hard wired, its spotty.
  14. Ecoboost 42 MPG!

    We if you add the 26.9 and the 195, the mark tells me you’re getting 221 miles to a tankful. Not good at all
  15. Toyota EPU all electric pickup concept debut today at Japan Mobility Show

    I like the truck, it’s a shame there isn’t any place to recharge it in North America
  16. Set Your Preferred Drive Mode w/ ForScan

    Funny thing, I used paper and pencil along with a calculator. Drove ECO for a few hundred miles, then 50/50 ECO/NORM for a few hundred miles, finally NORMAL…. Result NORMAL gave me the best MPG’s. XLT AWD w/Tow Package. Normal mode until the snow.
  17. XM Radio

    I’ve been trying xm thru CarPlay from my iPhone. To say it sucks is an understatement. I have to literally unplug my phone and try again 50% of the time, and reboot the Radio, 40% of the time. The radio is a piece of garbage in the XLT and the dealer tells me, there’s not a problem.
  18. Bluetooth issues?

    Please, these Ford Radio’s suck horribly. My 22 has issues EVERY SINGLE DAY.. MY DEALER MAPLECREST FORD UNION NJ says there is nothing wrong with it. Please reaad the dozens of complaints about these radio’s. I have downloaded every update, it means nothing. They are just bad, and no one, not...