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  1. DIY Bed Divider with Grocery Hooks

    Same here! I have so many things on my “Mav accessories” list that I want to get going on, and my bride keeps reminding me to wait until I actually get the truck. Dang it!
  2. Senior citizen Maverick owners thread

    That’s funny right there!
  3. First Azure Gray 2024 Maverick here!

    Really nice color!
  4. Username Meaning ?!?!

    Sorry you chose the wrong branch, brother. But thanks for your service!
  5. Username Meaning ?!?!

    My first assignment in the USAF, I reported to my new boss on day 1 and introduced myself as Ken. He said, “What?” After repeating my rehearsed, nervous introduction, he said, “No! Your name is not Ken. I already have 4 Kens in this squadron. Your name is now Moe.” I’ve been Moe for 40 years now.
  6. Best tailgate letters imo

    Nice! Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. Price for Hitch Install by Dealer?

    always been a fan of etrailers.com products. bought several hitches and such from them; always pleased. high quality stuff. just checked: $300 for a Class III hitch (bolt on) and $80 for a 4-pin wiring kit. easy install.
  8. 10/12/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Time email received 9:32AM CST (Oct 12) 📅 Your scheduled build week 12/18/23 🔢The last 5 digits of your VIN with the last two numbers X'd out - 242xx 🛻 All relevant build info - XLT EB, Atlas Blue, spray-in, hitch, FS spare, tri-fold 📍 Your region - NW Florida 🗓 Your original order date - Jul...
  9. Took Delivery Yesterday!

    Alright! Drive it like you stole it!
  10. Maverick Truck Bed Divider

    Hey, that’s very nice. Thank you. If I may, how much room is fwd of the divider, and how much is between it and the tailgate?
  11. Senior citizen Maverick owners thread

    I’m 64 and can’t wait to be a senior Mav owner. Ordered my MY24 XLT back in July. No love from Ford yet. Guess I’ll have to keep depending on my 09 F-150, 83 Landcruiser, my Kubota B7610, and my Spotted Saddle Horse.
  12. DIY Bed Extender

    We must protect this bedliner! That’s awesome!
  13. Maverick hauling round hay bales

    We’ll done Sunnygroves. Now if I can ever get my ‘24, I’ll see if it’ll pull this… Prolly not.
  14. Hello from Florida

    Yeh, not so much, but thanks for the lead. Just got this from Moyer’s Internet Sales Mgr: “…not selling ordered units outside our designated market area due to the severely restricted supply of them”
  15. Hello from Florida

    Hey Garry. Another NW Floridian. I made the mistake of ordering from World in P’cola on 7/17/23. Very disappointed so far. Only did that because my local Crestview Ford said they “had” to charge $2k mkt adjustment and $1.5k paint protection. Wish I had gone to Pan Cty. Retired AF, remaining...
  16. Order ID?

    Thanks gang. I don’t know a COVP is, but I have build and price sheet from the dealer that has the options, prices, basically all the things.
  17. Order ID?

    Sorry, but here’s a newbie Q. On opening day, I placed an order for a MY24 XLT. My local Ford dealer pretty much sucks rocks and I cant really get any info from them. They told me I def have an order in the system, but I wouldn’t be the first guy to get stiffed I’m sure. The only thing I have is...