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  1. Hunter Storage Enthusiasts

  2. Carplay and general software issues investigation

    Have an iPhone 11, iOS 17.1.2, lightening connector on phone. Bought a USB-A data cable with magnetic connectors to iPhone Lightening port. Works flawlessly EXCEPT, I have to unlock the phone manually to get the connection even though the phone setting is to allow when locked. Maybe that's...
  3. Cell phone USBC cable connected while on a wireless charging holder.

  4. DIY Bed Divider with Grocery Hooks

    Cool! I did a similar thing but added a center divider. Also put a single cross piece at the front of the bed (near the cab) to have support front to back for carrying 4 x 8 sheets of plywood. Edit: I have the drop liner for the bottom only. The 2 x 8 was ripped to be 6 1/2" wide to match the...
  5. Warning! LED Bulb distributors

  6. The Rotary Dial Is Great Design (Not Joking)

    Not so great when the dog shifts it...
  7. Poll, Hybrid owners with NO problems

    2022 XL Hybrid Delivered 31 July 2022 7900 miles airbag recall done
  8. MY 2024 LED bulbs same as 2023?

    Check here- https://www.lasfit.com/
  9. Tools in the back seat -- how to protect seat from damage

  10. PERFECT rear seat cover found! No more dragging rifle cases right over my nice "leather" seats!

    I found these fit really well for back and front seats- https://4knines.com/ Lifetime guarantee, too.
  11. Replaced my windshield 3.5 times already. Bad luck or Bad Design/Engineering?

    Two weeks ago on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Not tail gating. Truck ahead threw one up and hit dead center. Safelight repaired with their "epoxy". Holding so far. Only 7100 miles.
  12. Dealer said my headliner is normal to be sagging in center like this?* After airbag recall *

    Had the same thing only on the right corner. I think there are plastic clips at the corners to hold up the head liner- see this post https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/headliner-removal-instructions.27866/
  13. Thoughts on XL vs XLT?

    Love my 2022 XL hybrid. I did add the CP360 as the only real factory upgrade. Looking back, cruise control would have been nice, if available. I see several owners have modified their Maverick with other Ford steering wheels to get cruise control. I wonder if the 2023/2024 steering wheels would...
  14. A nice surprise to amazing XLT seats -- easy cleanup of dog hair

    I purchased covers from "4knines" https://4knines.com/products/bucket-seat-cover-for-dogs-and-pets-for-cars-trucks-and-suvs?variant=1049193036 Only ones I could find that fit the front seats perfectly. Back seat fits perfectly, also. Come with a lifetime warranty!