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  1. 2024 Maverick Clean-up Scheduling This Week (12/7/23) for Production Weeks 1/1/24 - 2/26/24

    Hopefully your dealer learned a lesson about how to properly get a priority code assigned - if only they had learned sooner. But at least it was a quick turnaround once fixed!
  2. Curious why "high" RPMs when coasting in neutral?

    When you have 8 gears to choose from, there's very little resistance in the top gears. It's basically coasting without having to shift gears, therefore reducing wear on the transmission components. Also means that when braking, the car can shift to an appropriate gear where engine braking can...
  3. ‘22 vs ‘23 vs ‘24 Appearance

    When you heard about the truck just as MY22 orders cut off, and you were out of town for the MY23 4-day ordering bank, you have a lot of time to learn everything about it 🤣
  4. Shut down while backing up

    Did it have any recall work done and/or are their outstanding recalls on it? Sounds like the symptoms of the wiring harness or battery cable recalls/TSBs.
  5. Backup Camera Takes Too Long To Display

    Some one posted about this a couple months ago - I can't find the thread but I believe it was resolved by restarting/resetting their SYNC (press the power/vol button and seek/next track buttons at the same time and hold until it restarts). Didn't work for everyone but resolved the delay for a few.
  6. ‘22 vs ‘23 vs ‘24 Appearance

    Ah yeah, and the manual rear sliding window would be '22-'23 only. Updated my post
  7. ‘22 vs ‘23 vs ‘24 Appearance

    Only if you're ready for a logic puzzle and looking at minor details, mostly based on changes to trim/package offerings: Packages First Editions (black roof and hood stripe with first edition decals, among some other details) were MY22 only Tremor and Black Appearance Package were released...
  8. Not Getting Updates On Maverick Special Order

    I was scheduled on Day 87 and never received my second 45-day email on Day 90, nor any 45-day emails since then. My only other update was 2 weeks after scheduling to change build weeks. I guess that puts me at Day 43 since the last Ford email (build week change), so we'll see if anything comes...
  9. Curious why "high" RPMs when coasting in neutral?

    Sorry, meant tunes in other cars do it and might be what Ford programs in by default now to protect the transmission. I did some further reading on this topic tonight and apparently it's common now in modern vehicles to ensure a smooth transition back into D at the proper gear. I asked why as...
  10. Curious why "high" RPMs when coasting in neutral?

    I'm not sure if this is the situation, but I know some tunes will increase RPMs to match speed at higher speeds so you don't slam the transmission and damage it putting it back into D. Ford may have programmed that in here for that purpose. May I ask why you'd switch to neutral in this situation?
  11. Maverick November 2023 Sales & Production: Sold 10,379 / 13,826 Produced, Wow!

    The Bronco Sport is only made at Hermo. "Regular" Broncos are assembled in Wayne, MI
  12. Maverick November 2023 Sales & Production: Sold 10,379 / 13,826 Produced, Wow!

    I think last I saw Ranger MY24 Job 1 was mid-Sept (a month before the Maverick) after being pushed back a few times. Just a quick look over at the ranger6g forums for this week's USOB and....oof
  13. Does your Hybrid Maverick engine revs up real high on down hill rides!?

    Yeah, I'm sure the EB does it to, but may be less noticable with 8 speeds able to choose an apprproiate RPM range and the engine always on anyways.
  14. Does your Hybrid Maverick engine revs up real high on down hill rides!?

    Used in non-hybrids across several brands too, under the label Deceleration Fuel Cut Off (DFCO). My 2015 Cruze will cut off fuel a couple seconds into coasting as long as I am above ~1500rpm and fuel only kicks back on around 1200 RPM or any touch of the accelerator. At highway speeds, that's...
  15. SecuriCode™ Keyless-Entry still available?

    The build site has several errors. You'll want to stick to the ordering guide PDF from Ford: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/latest-2024-maverick-order-guide-released-updated-monthly.34141/#post-618263
  16. Dash cubby hole -- what occupies yours? 📸

    Dozens of threads on this - recommend using Google to search the site as the built in one is trash. You'll get everything from tchotchkes to 3D-printed phone holders to how-tos on adding USB ports...
  17. Latest 2024 Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (11/27/23)

    They added a third shift in July that is seemingly fully ramped up now. Last year the plant was producing ~19k total vehicles a month (on average), so adding another shift could easily bump that up to the 27.5k/month range. The trend has been about 45% Mavericks / 55% Broncos, so that gets us to...
  18. 11/30/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Others have said anywhere from 3-7 days before the start of the assigned build week.
  19. New Here (Looking for Advice)

    It was hidden in the scheduling notes back in October - last day to order was 10/13 https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/maverick-retail-scheduling-this-week-10-12-23-for-production-weeks-12-4-12-25.38086/