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  1. 51's Crazy Camping Box Tour

    Awsome @Irvinec32 ! Very creative and fun!
  2. 🧭 Maverick Build & Tracking Links

    Great post. It looks like all the modules are on in my XL. The sticker has delivery by rail. Just spoke with my sales guy and he told me it takes about a month for delivery here in the Northeast. Thanks @Administrator !
  3. Latest Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (11/13/23)

    My hybrid XL is scheduled for week of 27 November. Sounds like I may be getting a pushback email too. My old Prius will be happy to be around a little bit longer.
  4. New England Mavericks

    Thanks! Looking forward to finding those extra reasons. Hopefully it won’t be too long to wait.
  5. New England Mavericks

    Just ordered 2024 XL hybrid in Arizona Grey. I’ve been driving a Prius for the last 12 years and these are cheaper than a new one. However, I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on this truck. I do a little work around the house and it will be handy for trips to Home Depot, but is that enough? I think I...