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  1. Park to reverse click

    Yeah when I shift into reverse from drive after stopping, there can be a little delay and a loud click/clunk before reverse kicks in. Is this normal on the Maverick?
  2. Ford Modular Bedliner compatible with the XL?

    I put the modular liner in my XL, no problem. It does require manually cutting sections out if you have the bed organizer rail, etc...
  3. List of Available Bed Racks

    Yeah I can latch it first, which helps. And I think that Yak Pad has a little space on each end which might be helping as well.
  4. List of Available Bed Racks

    Here's a lower budget option that mounts on the Elevate rails: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095L6PB14/?coliid=I1IJR8WE6RP1P&colid=1QBH8EFY3P4EE&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Pretty sturdy, little bit of a clunky install but not too bad...
  5. Got my deep sleep message today in along while

    Yeah I've been experiencing the deep-sleep messages too, and wasn't overly concerned but then needed to jump the truck yesterday! Only 1500 miles on it. Guess it's time for a check-up...
  6. My Maverick Hybrid was enough/not enough truck to…..

    It's been great for all the utility needs of my yard care business, plus towing the 5x8 trailer with mowers. Not the same mileage towing of course, (maybe 30-35 mpg mostly street driving?) but it tows strong and is a real pleasure to drive.
  7. No electric drive at night?

    How do you turn it off?
  8. Oil-O-Meter...says %51...and the miles on truck are 4100...change oil when it says?? what?

    So I'm still not completely understanding how the oil-o-meter works. If I'm towing, say 50% of the time, will the oil life meter detect this & compensate accordingly with more frequent change recommendations?
  9. Where are TPMS sensors? getting ready to Plasti dip steelies...

    I went with paint for the snow tires set. We'll see how she holds up.
  10. Strut channel bed crossbars?

    Did you see this set-up? https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/tms-bed-crossbars.28583/#post-541775
  11. Discovered: How to "scan" from steering wheel?

    I'm still trying to figure out how to set the radio presets 😀 I may have to actually look at the owners manual...
  12. Default settings for Drive Modes and Brake Hold

    Along these lines, I'm wondering if there is any way to disable all the alerts that come on at start, without having to click OK for each one. It drives me a bit crazy as they don't go away automatically until I hit OK...
  13. The Maverick is actually the perfect work truck

    For sure! Completely happy with mine, even pulling the little green trailer around.
  14. 3D Printed Cubby Grid for Vent Clips

    I picked this one up. Works like a charm!
  15. TMS bed crossbars

    Hey GTE, where did you pick up those knobs? Is that just a hardware store trip?
  16. Get your software updates done!

    Do you know how to check what software version a Maverick is currently running? Or does that have to be checked by dealership as well?
  17. Semi-DIY medium/low profile bed rack

    That's a pretty slick & simple solution! Thanks for posting.
  18. The Rotary Dial Is Great Design (Not Joking)

    I agree. It's clicking through all the "OKs" that drives me a little bonkers... Any way to disable those alerts?