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  1. SecuriCode™ Keyless-Entry still available?

    I thought the keyless entry keypads were gone. I was looking at the 300A XLT package and it is currently listed. Was I mistaken?
  2. 11/30/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    ⏰ Time email was received 10:54AM CST 📅 Your scheduled build week: Jan 15 🔢The last 5 digits of your VIN with the last two numbers X'd out: 338xx 🛻 All relevant build info XLT Hybrid, LUX, Co-Pilot 360 📍 Your region, SW Missouri 🗓 Your original order date July, 16 2023, 2023 carryover 🕺 Dealer...
  3. Any Tonneau covers that work with the drop in bed liner?

    The XLT lux package comes with the drop in bed liner. Are there any tonneau covers that work with the drop in bed liner?
  4. This is a full size spare?

    It's all because of inflation.
  5. No Scheduling Today

    Call me old fashioned, but if I offer something for sale, I expect to fulfill my obligation even if I am not legally obliged to. My bigger point is that there are a lot of people who used to trust Ford that no longer do. My point exactly. I think this is extremely short sighted. Ford was...
  6. No Scheduling Today

    Never kill them messenger, severely maim them so they can take the word back. That being said, I do appreciate the update. <RANT MODE ON> I hate that Ford is counting on dealers and folks like fordvideoguy to placate customers that are irate over Ford's ineptitude. That is Jim Farley's job and...
  7. 11/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [POSTPONED TO 11/30]

    For what it is worth. I just got off the phone with my dealer. He said that when he looked yesterday, he had 4 mavericks in preview. When he looked this morning before calling me, he had nothing. I realize there are people who have been waiting longer than me, but 14 months without being...
  8. Latest Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (11/13/23)

    From what I have seen from the forum, the truck will probably take about 7-10 days to be built. Shipping from Mexico to your location will be probably between 2 and 6 weeks. I may be a little off on my numbers.
  9. Exceedingly Long Oversimplified Explanation of Maverick Order Allocations

    As an addendum to my previous rant, those are scheduling dates. The date of manufacture will probably be 6 weeks from the scheduling date. Add another 6 weeks for the truck to leave the factory and get to the dealership, I am looking at another year of waiting. I have a 16 year old that is...
  10. Exceedingly Long Oversimplified Explanation of Maverick Order Allocations

    Ok, so my dealer had 14 allocations. He had 9 rollovers, one of which is mine. One got scheduled yesterday. What are my chances of getting my magic ticket next month? If I am following correctly, the dealer will get about 1 1/6 mavericks scheduled a month. Figuring all 9 of the rollovers are...
  11. XLT LUX package missing from on line builder

    The XLT lux package disappeared as an option on the on line configuration tool for the 2024 Maverick. I am pretty sure that if it on your order, you are good to go.
  12. XLT LUX package missing from on line builder

    I was reviewing my build this morning on ford.com and noticed that the LUX package is missing from the XLT. It is still there for the lariat. Any ideas why it would disappear?
  13. Maverick Clean-Up Scheduling This Week (8/17/23) for Production Weeks 9/4 - 10/9

    What does "Early Commit planned on Tuesday and Wednesday" mean?
  14. Ford Drop in bed liner

    The 2024 xlt lux package comes with the drop in bed liner. Does the bed liner cover up the cubbies in the bed?
  15. Maverick Clean Up Scheduling This Week (8/3/23) for Production Weeks 9/4 - 10/9

    I might have misunderstood, but I thought this was going to be the last week for scheduling 2023 mavericks. When does final production of the MY 2023 end?
  16. Update: 2024 order bank system now open & accepting dealer submissions! Post your build

    Received confirmation email 2023-07-17 6:45pm CST. Order number matches my 2023 order number. XLT Hybrid Lux CoPilot 360 Tri-fold tonneau cover
  17. 2023 Maverick order confirmation email

    Yeah, I will contact the dealer this afternoon. He said he would be entering orders this morning and I really don't want to pull him off of that. I went ahead and used the 2024 Configurator and sent the dealership the details. My original order had the rear slider and a rollup tonneau cover. The...
  18. 2023 Maverick order confirmation email

    I have been a pest to my dealer and Ford customer service for the last 9 months. I talked with my dealer Friday and made sure I was in line for the 2024. I will call again this afternoon to make sure the 2024 order was placed. No build date on the email, just a confirmation of my 2023 order.