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  1. Talk me into or out of the Maverick--getting cold feet

    I'm not getting cold feet per se, but now that my long-awaited (16 months) Maverick is in production (expect it to arrive here late December/early January), I'm going to take it for a test drive and make a final decision then. I've never had the opportunity to test drive one, but have sat in an...
  2. This is what’s in store for EV owners

    If you buy the Chevy Bolt, GM installs your 240v line and charger for free through a contractor. My Uber the other night was a Bolt. While it didn’t work well for him with the restricted range, he said the car was solid. If I was commuting for another 5 years I’d be all over it. But I’m...
  3. This is what’s in store for EV owners

    Very much this. And farm subsidies.
  4. Got pulled over because of Bully hitch step

    In my 50 years of driving I’ve met maybe 10-15 police officers during traffic stops. The vast majority have been pleasant experiences. Only twice did I feel they made a bullshit call just to juice their quotas. One was recent because I had a front license plate cover (clear). He really needed...
  5. My Beauty Destroyed Today

    Very sorry to hear this, but very glad she's ok (if shaken up). Cars are replaceable. And yes, if you were in love with it then by all means get another.
  6. Question on VIN

    Greetings all. Eagerly awaiting my rollover '23>'24 Lariat Hybrid, due to start production next week. General question: I always was under the impression that the last number of a car's year was someplace in the VIN. Yet the preproduction VIN I got from Ford doesn't have a "4" in it. Am I...
  7. Center Console Ambient Lighting install in my 2023 Lariat Maverick -- DIY how-to

    My '13 Outback has a singular tiny blue LED on the overhead console. I love it. Barely noticeable yet highly effective.
  8. One year 40K owner's review

    How many miles on your Outback? 150k miles seems to be their "sell by" date. My '13 @ 205k miles has had major and minor repairs to the tune of $9-10k in the past 15 months. I love the car, but if I knew back in 9/22 when I ordered my Maverick (to be made this month Ford says) that the Subie was...
  9. 19k miles and issues are starting to pop up

    Yeah, the hybrid is the only reason the Maverick made my shopping list. Otherwise the CR-V hybrid is more than sufficient.
  10. YTD 2023 Sales : Maverick vs. Santa Cruz

    Around these parts it's not too hard to get $3-4k off the Hyundai...
  11. 40,000 Mile Hybrid 2022 MPG and Review

    Great write up. Looking forward to my Lariat showing up between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  12. 9/14/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Lol. I said that about my Outback a year ago. $8k and 12 months later at least I know it will be a solid backup to my Maverick arriving in December.
  13. 9/14/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    11:39 am 2024 Lariat Hybrid Carbonized Gray Ordered 9/16/22; reordered 7/17/23 Trifold & sunroof VIN 119XX Ordered from Tomball Ford, Tomball, Texas (near Houston)
  14. Maverick Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) for Production Weeks 11/06-11/27

    The up side is I've always wanted a Honda in my life garage and just never ended up with one despite being close. A 1988 Acura Integra 4 door hatchback was the runner-up nominee to my 1988 Nissan Hardbody; a 2013 CR-V was the runner-up to my 2013 Outback. We'll see if it's time....
  15. Maverick Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) for Production Weeks 11/06-11/27

    Went by my dealer Saturday to drop the trifold bed cover since that was the only ongoing constraint I could see. Sales person said they had plenty of allocations. Sales person was going to turn the order change in to their data person Monday. Reached out Tuesday, said the order person urged me...
  16. Latest Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints (8/28/23)

    After 11 months of waiting (I know, I know...minor league compared to some of you...) and getting rolled over to a '24, should I just delete the tri-fold at this point? The constraint has always been a low number; I just thought it wouldn't be hard for them to overcome..... Apparently there are...
  17. C/D article & render of possible Toyota Corolla based pickup truck to compete with Maverick

    Truck-wise, you’re probably correct. But look at the subcompact, compact and medium size sedans in proportion to their sales numbers and I think Toyota is a slam dunk winner. I’m not saying they’re perfect. But all in all my experience as well as that of many family, friends and work...
  18. C/D article & render of possible Toyota Corolla based pickup truck to compete with Maverick

    Historical reliability of Toyota vehicles. The fact that Toyota pretty much set the standard for hybrid expectations with the Prius. We’re not talking about a body on frame vehicle.