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  1. Price protection check💵

    I received a Price Protection check for $484 in the mail on 9/29 from my dealership. Has anyone else one received one… or has anyone received any other type of check from their Maverick purchase? I’m interested to know what other checks are out there.
  2. This Thing is Capable!!

    Thanks for clicking on this click-bait!! (Sarcasm) I have been very impressed with how capable my Maverick is. I’m working on a remodel for a home and we needed plywood (IDK WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS BETWEEN OSB AND PLYWOOD ). My partner and I met at our local Home Depot, he in a Tacoma and I with...
  3. eBay hard Tri-Fold tonneau !!

    I really needed a tonneau for a 1,400 miles road trip from south Texas to Walt Disney world. (Maverick review coming soon) I did consider a few low profile and soft, but I decided on a Tri-Fold I found on eBay. Has build in LEDs and super easy install. It did excellent with no shifting nor major...
  4. Fog lights on DIC startup??

    Apologies if this has been covered… Has anyone else noticed that the Maverick on the start up in the DIC shoes a front shot of a Mav with large fog lamps and transitions to a side shot that fade to tow hooks?! Strange but I like the fog lamp look! Video shows what a mean. Let me know yalls...
  5. Brake caliper defect?!

    I hope the picture shows what I am trying to make sure is normal… I notices this crazy scrape on the caliper on the drivers side. I went around and look on the passenger and it did not have this scrape to it. Is this normal? Can someone please look and compare?? 2023 Mav Lariat 4K tow 2.0 EB AWD
  6. Vehicle shut off message??

    Okay. So I was waiting on my groceries at the pick-up area and our order wasn’t quite ready so I had to wait. Well, after 30 mins, I see a message on my cluster… “Vehicle shuts Off in 30 seconds Press OK to override.” Did anyone else know this?? This is awesome. This Mav keeps surprising me...
  7. Lariat/BAP/Tremor tail lamp mod.

    So I watched a video on YouTube and the created did a mod that was free and easy. So I did it myself and the results look sick. Reminds me of the Ram Laramie tail lamps which I’m a fan of. video attached for reference and explanation.
  8. Got the job done!

    Moving out of storage and I put the Mav to the test. Yes, it’s not too heavy but did squat a little bit. I have to do a few trips but worth it. I did not take pics of the first two trip which were the heaviest. Eco boost made it easy. Included side profile empty for reference.
  9. Finally took delivery!!

    Hello everyone! my name is James. I am a Marine combat veteran and I currently live in south Texas… probably about the closest town to Mexico. I am a new member to Maverick Truck Club. I am (finally) an owner of a 2023 Ford Maverick 2.0L Lariat Lux FX4 4K CG that I have names Bandit. I received...