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  1. Anybody get ForScan working with 2024 Mavericks?

    Sorry, I'm not the smartest one, but according to my apreciación it says that they're currently adding 2023, no that aren't supporting 2024. May be is an old statement ? Mine is 2022, but finger crossed for you and rest that they bring support for you and the rest of guys soon.
  2. Sliding rear window. Did you order it for your Maverick? Is it useful?

    I almost never use the rear sliding window, but definitely love having the option, I did used like 5+ time to carry 2x4's 16 feet long, as long you put a tower on the lower part of the window to avoid scratches you'll good to go. I think that is better having the option and don't need it, than...
  3. 22 XL VB Paddle shifters ,f150 Fog light Switch and Fog lights, Rotiforms Wheels Scale Suspension lowered and much more Oem Ford Accesories.

    You're making me regret getting a xlt luxury, soon your XL gotta get more equipped than a lariat.lol I still thinking on warranty and trade in, but as soon i wrap my mind if i gonna keep it or not i might jump on few of your projects. You're really killing it, great job. Can I make a special...
  4. Finally hitting the 11 second goal.

    Congratulations john. 11's is almost unthinkable for this lil thing and all that without breaking nothing is even more impressive. Amazing job.

    Congratulations to john. Amazing job.
  6. Thinking of Making my own 2.3

    Slow but steady, Just remember; slow is smooth- smooth is fast.
  7. Thinking of Making my own 2.3

    Ok, let me get the popcorn, this gonna get interesting. I seen you're a pretty handy person, let's hope your project get done as easy posible. you guys really are paving the roads.
  8. Forscan and second battery for longer stops ?

    I just want the engine off as much as possible, yes for better mileage, I also stay put for 1/2+ hour at the truck, so having the battery voltage at good levels would help me on the traffic lights too.
  9. Poor man's sub solution

    Looks good, extra points for the 165$ deal. Enjoy.
  10. Forscan and second battery for longer stops ?

    Hi. I'm not looking to run the A.C, I know only the fan runs with the battery, I just want the engine to stay off for 2-3 minutes while I wait on the traffic lights and be ready once is my turn to go.
  11. Forscan and second battery for longer stops ?

    Do you think it could help or I missing my plane here ?
  12. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Photos / Club

    The problem is I don't know if is yellow or orange ? 🤔
  13. Turbo Lag Question

    I know mine is there and doing a great the job, but i never heard mine, as long it gives me a good performance I'm good to go. I love sleepers.
  14. Lux package?

    I wish mine had a sunroof 😭
  15. Lux package?

    On my case I'm thinking on parking lots, the more compact the more secure, between ppl slamming their doors, letting loose the chopping carts in the middle or plain and simple crossing between cars and hitting your car is a mess, just parking next to a road, or when i gonna take my bikes and...