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  1. Build date

    Built shipped and still no window sticker!
  2. Old VS New (Area 51 VS Azure Gray)

    Alto Blue is my still my favorite color!
  3. 10/12/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    I received a scheduling email (12/11) and vin which comes back to a dealer that I shopped at, but never signed a contract for. It's the excact truck that I did order from another dealer, yet that one is still waiting to be scheduled?? What the hell?
  4. First "unfortunately" email today

    I’m in the same situation (new 2024 order) and received the same email. I chatted with Ford. They advised that updates about the production build will not be available until a VIN is provided which happens when it gets scheduled.
  5. 2024 XLT SecuriPad pulled -- and other gripes!

    Is they keypad available aftermarket for a 2024? Is it DYI friendly?
  6. Recommended Dealer Listing

    Newbie here. I have searched and can't locate a recommended Dealership thread. Tim @ Long McArthur mentioned that one exists here on his recent video. Ty in advance!