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  1. Sliding rear window. Did you order it for your Maverick? Is it useful?

    Exactly, and it works great for that. Much better than hanging out the side window or 5 feet out the bed!
  2. 3 things i hate about the maverick.

    My 2008 Prius has that and my basic wrangler had it as well. It came in handy during the winter and at other times going to/from the gym! I do miss it and know I could have bought the Lariat, but that came with other things I didn't like. Maybe in the near future all Fords will!
  3. Tonneau Cover with front and rear access

    I have one of these and it's a great cover. Solid and strong and yes you can open front or back, it lifts up with gas struts which you can easily disconnect to open the full way. You can lift both open at the same time, but you can only fully open one side at a time...
  4. 2023 XLT screen, so dim almost useless.

    I wouldn't call mine necessarily dim, but maybe slightly dim and not crisp. I have an XLT and my sister has the Lariat. If I go from her truck to mine, I think someone stole my radio and replaced it with an etch-a-sketch!
  5. My 40,000 Mile Update

    The seats on longer trips are just barely adequate. The lumbar support and heat helps, but I find them stiff and uncomfortable after a few hours. I've driven up to 15 hours straight and that trip was brutal. The couple of hours and back is not so bad. For background, I am shorter, 5'6" and...
  6. My 40,000 Mile Update

    Ok, I finally hit 40k miles a little over a week ago. Would have been a couple of months ago, but due to light driving to not cause more damage and it being in the shop (I'll discuss below), it took a little longer. Anyway, I have 2022 2.0 EB XLT/AWD/FX4/4k Tow/Luxury with sunroof and rear...
  7. Rear diff howling ford dealer said bad tires . Took back 2nd telling them not tires

    Mine was just replaced. I noticed it slightly after 30k miles, but took a long time to get into the dealer, then get them to order the parts, then to complete the repair! Hopefully I have the upgraded one and won't have to worry! The bill would have been over $4k if warranty didn't cover it.
  8. My first real issue

    Ok, the repair is completed. I've attached the repair order so you can see what they repaired and said. It was covered under warranty, thankfully. I did get a quick glance at the original bill and it was over $4k! Not sure I'd be happy paying for that after only 30k some miles of driving...
  9. My first real issue

    So now it’s getting funny but not really. My update this week is they are waiting for bolts and they are on back order. So after diagnosing the problem, waiting for parts, then telling me they need to order parts after tearing open my rear end and now a week + later they don’t have the bolts...
  10. My first real issue

    The dealer called me and said the parts arrived so I dropped it off at the dealer yesterday morning. Yesterday evening, they sent me a message and said they found metal in the rear end oil so now they are waiting on parts and those will hopefully be in next week. When I mentioned that I thought...
  11. Diamondback SE Bed Cover and OEM Bed Rail Installed

    I've had my Diamondback for almost 30k miles on mine, I was one of the first. It's never leaked for me, I did have someone sit on it and squash everything down as I was installing the first time to get all the seals smooshed. I do have some tailgate weatherstripping on there to seal that end...
  12. My first real issue

    Exactly, I don't think carrying my kayak to the park, bringing a ladder to a friends house, moving some household furniture, even the beach trip is outside any guidelines!
  13. My first real issue

    You would need to use an address from out of the state of Florida to purchase the contract from Grainger. I probably should have done that, but I did not.
  14. 2 Recalls

    I brought mine in for recalls, an oil change, and another issue, it was all scheduled. They diagnosed the issue and said they had to order parts. Gave me back the truck and said hopefully in 203 weeks but they didn't do the recalls or the oil change!
  15. My first real issue

    I pulled my 1800 lb teardrop a couple of times, probably less than a mile total. I had planned on more originally, but that changed. I've also not been offroading or anything crazy, a couple of times on mostly hard packed sand. So you can say the AWD system has had light use.
  16. My first real issue

    jsus has a good explanation of what it's like down here. In addition to the non-limited dealer fees and many other charges we get hit with down here. And it's also getting worse with the recently passed (at least I think it was) that doesn't allow manufacturers to impose restrictions on...
  17. My first real issue

    I would have bought one of the discount ESPs, but we can’t in Florida!
  18. My first real issue

    They said since it is powertrain, it should be covered under warranty. But until they complete the repair and I see the Zero invoice, I will be skeptical. They initially said it was a $190 charge to diagnose and could take 24-48 hours!
  19. My Pirelli Scorpion (stock FX4 tires) wear after 35K miles. How's yours?

    I didn't take a photo of mine, but I replaced them just after 30k. The wear was ok, but I got an unrepairable slice in the tire and the wear was down too much to replace just 1 tire, so all four had to go!
  20. My first real issue

    I have a 2022 XLT 2.0 EB FX4/4k Tow. I'm at about 39k miles now. While I've had some issues/glitches/etc... nothing too bad. However today I was told that my rear differential went bad and they are ordering the parts for it. They said hopefully in 2-3 weeks the parts will arrive and then...