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  1. rainycage

    Western Kentucky Maverick Club

    Ordering one is defintely the way to go. I ordered mine through Pennyrile Ford in Hopkinsville. I paid msrp and was never pressured into anything more. Can't speak for the other ford dealerships around here. I have had bad experiences at Paducah Ford.
  2. Bumper covers fading from sun

    I 2nd this ... been using this stuff on paint, plastic, glass, for about 6 months now (probably applied 3-4 times total) and my truck still looks brand new. Before I took delivery on my maverick I watched so many videos on youtube comparing different car washes, spray waxes, and protectants and...
  3. Western Kentucky Maverick Club

    Western Kentucky Maverick Club

    I don't see many Maverick's in my area. Would love to get a group going for all my fellow Western Kentucky Maverick owners. I know you are out there!
  4. 1 Month 1000 Mile 1 Flat Tire Review

    Here is a little video I did with a quick review after 1 Month/1000 Miles with my New 23 Ford Maverick XLT. I also talk about getting a flat tire right after hitting 1000 miles and how that went. And finally I show off a few more accessories purchased and installed. Long Story Short: I am...
  5. Picked up my Maverick!

    Congrats! We got the same color. Loving my maverick so far!
  6. Gweniviere is here! My New Maverick XLT Hybrid Atlas Blue

    LOL all my vehicles have been female. I thought that was what everyone did? Girls have male named trucks ... guys have female named trucks? Maybe not in 2023 ... 🤷‍♂️
  7. Gweniviere is here! My New Maverick XLT Hybrid Atlas Blue

    LOL well truthfully after I saw Pixar's Onward back in 2020 ... I knew I was going to name my next vehicle after the Van in that movie. And now after searching Guinevere apparently is the correct spelling for that van but screw it ... I'm going with my original spelling. Who knows where I got...
  8. Gweniviere is here! My New Maverick XLT Hybrid Atlas Blue

    Finally got my 2023 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid Atlas Blue last week. So far I am absolutely loving it! I made a little video of my purchasing/dealership experience, my initial thoughts, and showing off a few accessories I have already bought. I hung out on here and watched so many random youtube...
  9. 🤝 List of honest dealerships for Ford Maverick buyers

    Pennyrile Ford Hopkinsville, KY Clyde is the man! Just picked up my mav on 3/29. Was the best dealership experience I have ever had. Got MSRP with no sketchiness or pressure to add other nonsense. Finance manager did offer an extended warranty but wasn't pushy when I declined.
  10. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    YAY !!! Just got my email. ⏰ 10:53AM CST 📅 March 13th 🔢 🛻 Hybrid XLT Atlus Blue 📍 Western Kentucky 🗓 September 17th, 2022 🕺 Pennyrile Ford, Hopkinsville, KY
  11. ⚠️ 2023 MAVERICK BUILD & PRICE SITE IS UP‼️ Share Your Build Here

    Went pretty basic ... Hybrid XLT Atlus Blue No Extras Ordered on Sat 9/17 Can't wait ... been rocking with my 2012 Escape Limited for almost a decade after trading in my 2006 Ranger. Ready to be small truck owner again!