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  1. New 2023 Maverick XLT with Ford Co-Pilot 360 Not Working ?

    Unfortunately, you have what you paid for as you didn't pay for the extra $750 for the 360 assist which has all the items you are looking for. So many that ordered didn't realize that Ford made this change from 2022 to 2023.
  2. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Photos / Club

    That is sweet with the BAP! :)
  3. How long do you plan to keep your Maverick?

    I plan to keep mine for a very long time. We shall see how it does. Taking her in for her first oil change today.
  4. Lasfit vs Diode Dyanamics

    18 months and mine are still going strong. I am not installing resistors so I can over pay for DD's, not happening!
  5. Leather wrapped steering wheel is back!

    That is because it's not leather. It's vinyl wrapped. It's smoother like the same material as the seats in the Lariat. I personally like the smooth texture better, but to each his or her own.
  6. Textured Hood Protector In Stock?

    Here it is right here. I like it!
  7. Window visors

    I have had the EGR black matte since I got my truck and I don't find it blocks my side mirror enough to be of concern. I can still see everything I need to. The only thing it would impact is you want to try to look at yourself from inside the car. Just my opinion! They are a bear to install...
  8. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Photos / Club

    Indeed you are so correct. I originally ordered an Oxford White, but then I was so anxious to get one that they had a Shadow Black one come in that they guy didn't want. Matched all my specs except the color. But man that thing was so freaking hot and so hard to keep clean. This Oxford White...
  9. Lasfit vs Diode Dyanamics

    I had one bulb that I got that was out of sync. They asked me to send a picture. They shipped me a whole set the same day. So, I'd say their customer service is good. I've purchased DD lights in the paste I just don't find they are worth the cost in the long run. By the way I've been...
  10. Maverick Totaled Serious Injuries

    Rear ended at high speed and then hit by two additional cars in an intersection. I think the Maverick did its job pretty darn well. Prayers to all those injured. These critical car accident has the potential to change ones life and not for the better. Sad to see a Mav hit like that, but...
  11. Lasfit vs Diode Dyanamics

    They are super bright no doubt about it. Which is why I like them. If they get hot enough they will hyperflash on the dash. It has only happened to me once in about a years use. I would imagine if you re in super hot environments it could do it sooner than 5 minutes. I am in Central...
  12. Switchback lights - diode or lasfit?

    Yes I agree that if you leave them on for over 5 minutes they will hyperflash on the dash. The DD though will do it the moment they are turned ond for comparison do require a separate resistor. I think I've had the Lasfit do this one time in about a year of operation. I can live with that.
  13. Latest Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints (6/5/2023)

    Ford cannot seem to wrap it around their head that most of the retail orders are for Hybrid. They keep pushing the Gas version. This also means they buy supplies based on the projection that the Gas would sell best. Well 2 years of Data now and that has not been the case. Time to pull their...
  14. My Ford Maverick EcoBoost caught on fire and exploded!!! 🔥

    To the original poster. These forums can be brutal. You did what you felt was best at the time. We can all say what we would do differently. We learn from things like this for sure. Clearly something technical failed it it was spraying oil on the hood. Ford will want to get that truck for...
  15. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Photos / Club

    I remember in 2021 when they were bringing a Maverick around to each dealer for people to check out. The one they brought to the local dealer was a Cyber Orange Lariat. While I didn't think that color was for me, I sure liked it. So many on the forum have really taken them to the next level...
  16. "UPDATE" Hail storm damage after just 1 week 🤕 = $5,200 in damages

    I really like them. I sit just right in the truck that it doesn't impede my view, but does a great job blocking out sun. I also love being able to leave my window cracked in this high heat, along with my windshield sunscreen. I was shocked how much cooler my truck is.
  17. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Photos / Club

    She's a looker that is for sure! CONGRATS! :)
  18. 13 months

    Glad you were able to get in touch with them. Any explanation for that document that was taped to the window? You'll have the full warranty on it and if it goes to crap you can use the lemon law especially with the picture that you have. Yeah these recalls are crazy and yet they don't have...
  19. "UPDATE" Hail storm damage after just 1 week 🤕 = $5,200 in damages

    That Sucks! Every time we have storms I go out and cover mine up. I got some king size extra thick blankets that I use. YES they get wet, but I can deal with removing a wet blanket. I cannot deal with hail damage to my truck. My neighbors think I am crazy, but I don't care. :) I told...
  20. Antenna in Car Wash?

    Automatic Car Wash! WHAT? NAW! TELL ME YOU AREN'T! :poop: