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  1. Well, it was a fun 700 miles

    Ouch! Glad everyone is ok.
  2. Where do you put your garage door opener?

    Embedded in the autodim with compass mirror I installed. I wired it so it doesn't work without vehicle power on. Even got one for my Miata!
  3. Saw A Maverick In An Unusual Place

    Atlanta airport, Delta sticker covers the name but the plate gives it away!
  4. Park to reverse click

    Wait until you hear all the racket under the hood after the truck's been turned off and key put away LOLOLOLOL
  5. truck puts itself into park..

    It says on the screen if you want to stay in Neutral with door open/ seatbelt off there are some kind of steps yo have to take. Might be able to then go back into Drive?
  6. Any problems from lift kits?

    Yeah they always go with the bare minimum, and this is a "light duty" truck....
  7. Dash cubby hole -- what occupies yours? 📸

    You could look through the other (20+?) threads with the same question for ideas...
  8. Does your Hybrid Maverick engine revs up real high on down hill rides!?

    The Mav doesn't have a "real" neutral. It's extra wear going in and out of Neutral. ALSO, it's illegal in most states to coast in neutral or especially turn off the engine while rolling downhill. Issues with starting a vehicle at a high speed and/or malfunctions going back into gear could...
  9. Does your Hybrid Maverick engine revs up real high on down hill rides!?

    The engine is NOT going to rev higher than it "can". Most drivers are so used to cars never going above 3k RPMs. Well most cars have a redline of 6-7k. When I'm at 75mph in my Miata, it's at 4k RPMs. The "VTEC" in my Odyssey kicks in at 4k RPMS. Neither of these are going to break the vehicle.
  10. Dealers and repair shops actually use the pinch welds for lifting the maverick?

    Shops should lift from the pinch weld. NO you should not lift the vehicle from anywhere else- you may bend something you shouldn't. Put blocks of wood or whatever needed to get the jack and jack stands where they're needed. DO NOT ever get under a vehicle which is held up only by a jack-...
  11. Co-Pilot review

    Obviously when you're in the driver seat your first job is to DRIVE. The assists can help make it a bit easier so the mind doesn't have to work as hard...
  12. Talk me into or out of the Maverick--getting cold feet

    I've been a Subaru fan since the 90s, drove a 79 wagon in high school. Owned 2 since then. They don't get great gas mileage. With good tires they absolutely are the best snow cars around! Sold the last 2 cars with high miles and 17 years on each of them and LOTS of life left in them... (Just...
  13. Power reduction on extended high speed driving?

    It's really wild how the HP required to fight wind goes up exponentially. I got much much worse MPG at 90mph than 75mph in my SHO there. And even the Civic I traded in for my Mav this year got ~42mpg at 65mph and only about 38mpg at 75mph....
  14. Calibration Needed Or Not After Windshield Replacement?

    I was curious so here's what I found the calibration is about. Seems it's mostly setting the vertical:
  15. Talk me into or out of the Maverick--getting cold feet

    So the hybrid helps quite a lot with getting started in slippery- the electric torque can get going without having to push the gas a lot and spin the wheels. A $400 tonneau cover (Ford dealership soft one) has enabled us to use the bed for carrying stuff without any weather worries. A4x6 cut...
  16. Why No Keypad?

    I hear ya. It always bugged me but I discovered this week you can just swipe the box away (if you use the multi-box display type) or just hit the up arrow ^ to close it. Ignore them and they go away also.
  17. South Carolina DMV question: how long 'til plate delivery?

    We used SC dealership (near Aiken) so it was just a couple weeks.
  18. Question about soft tonneau covers

    Got the OEM soft cover from Ford dealership, has performed very well since June.
  19. Calibration Needed Or Not After Windshield Replacement?

    Honestly the article at top is too generic- it talks about sensors and other factors, IMO since it's "only one camera" I would guess it's unlikely a new windshield will change anything. But I'd ask the dealer to follow any procedures outlined, if there are any.