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  1. Boomba Racing Maverick Motor Mount Now Available!

    I just saw this, how is it holding up?
  2. Third Brake Light

    I disagree they are just as visible during the day time if properly modded. The problem is people cheap out and dont upgrade the bulbs if using stock lenses. The housing i used is brighter than factory and has rapid flash to get your attention.
  3. Cover on top of engine missing?

    The Lincoln one is nice and there are several different badges that can be glued to it.
  4. Cover on top of engine missing?

    The coyotes with stock intakes always need a cover. 👀
  5. Bullseye Custom Autos Daytime Running Lights: Awesome

    KSC I agree. Amazon has the same lights I've had a set go out due to moisture getting in them. The 2nd set I used silicone to seal up where the wires go into the lights.
  6. Cover on top of engine missing?

    Also less crap to break and go wrong. One reason I will never get rid of my carbed hotrods.
  7. Direct vs Port injection (Ecoboost/ Hybrid), catch can explained

    It's not so much of a performance mod as it is a preventative maintenance type of mod. How many people want to shell out for the walnut shell cleaning that is typically required on direct injection engines? I have 2 other di engines in my fleet of cars other than the Maverick, I've done the...
  8. Ecoboost Engine Cover

    They make a cover to cover the foam cover.
  9. 2023 Maverick Wheel Alignment

    This is a joke right? No one can honestly believe there is a difference in a 22 and 23. I wouldn't want that tech working on my vehicle.
  10. Why not larger gas tanks?

    These are probably the same people who also have diagnostic codes for the evap system.
  11. Why the ecoboost?

    Unless the golf cart is gas, lol.
  12. Direct vs Port injection (Ecoboost/ Hybrid), catch can explained

    Except that the factory system doesn't work 100%. I empty 1-2 tablespoons worth from the dirty side every 5k miles.
  13. 💡 Converting the Maverick side badge to a signal lamp light -- DIY how-to and result video [night video added]

    Yes, tapped into the front light. Yeah it sucked, im just glad they refunded me and made it right.
  14. 2025 Maverick Predictions……What changes will we see in 2025?

    The factory in Mexico is scheduled to stop production of the Maverick in 2027 so stories are that is when the refresh will happen. Im in the market for another Maverick but I am trying to hold out for 2025 to see if there are any updates to it. What are your thoughts? I'm not in a hurry to get...
  15. Third Brake Light

    No worries. Just research what light output is important to you and go with it.
  16. Third Brake Light

    Yes. I tried a few and they all had horrible light output. Morimoto has the best imo although it is expensive.
  17. 💡 Converting the Maverick side badge to a signal lamp light -- DIY how-to and result video [night video added]

    Ive had them since he came out with them. Id warn people to be diligent in their inspection of the part. Ive had 2 sets come apart, one set was hot glued and the other he used 3m tape. I ultimately was given a refund because they kept coming apart. He didn't want them back and said i could do...
  18. Finally hitting the 11 second goal.

    Congrats sir. I wish i could see that -da in my Mustang. Id love to run in that mineshaft air.